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Tag Results for "Dnc"

Importance of the Latino Vote Highlighted at DNC

Hispanics have been in the spotlight more than ever at this week's Democratic National Convention, a sign that the Barack Obama campaign must attract more Latinos to the polls in November. continue reading »

DREAMer Benita Veliz Addresses 2012 Democratic Convention

Benita Veliz made history by becoming the first undocumented immigrant to appear before a party convention, offering the Democratic delegates in Charlotte a strong defense of the long-stalled DREAM Act, which would help hundreds of thousands of people in her situation. continue reading »

Will 800 Latino Delegates Help Obama Win in November?

The Republican Party might be conveniently silent on the number of Latino delegates at their convention last week, not so the Democrats who are yelling from every rooftop: record number of Latino delegates are here in North Carolina. continue reading »

Immigration Reform Remains a Hot Topic At Both Parties’ Conventions

Democrats gathered in Charlotte for their party convention will vote Tuesday for a platform that, in contrast to the one approved by the Republicans last week, renews their promise to push for comprehensive immigration reform. continue reading »

More Latin Flavor to the Democratic Convention – Marc Anthony to Sing National Anthem

The 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC) has announced that Marc Anthony will be singing the national anthem adding more Latin flavor to the upcoming convention. continue reading »

‘En Quien Confiar’ the Democrats and Obama’s 1st Spanish Language Ad for 2012 Election (VIDEO)

The first Spanish language ad for the Democratic National Party’s (DNC) bid to reelect President Obama has been launched with the title: “En Quien Confiar”. (The One to Trust). continue reading »