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Tag Results for "Dilma Rousseff"

Walls of Water and Mud Sweep Through Rio de Janeiro, Killing 350 with Many Missing

At least 350 people have died and scores of people are missing when walls of earth and water hit the northern mountain regions of Rio de Janeiro yesterday. continue reading »

U.S. Reacts to Brazilian Election

The U.S. was quick to recognize Brazil’s first female-elect President, Dilma Rousseff in anticipation of her being sworn into office on January 1, 2011. President Obama telephoned Rousseff earlier today to congratulate her on yesterday’s election. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS: Brazil Elects Dilma Rousseff, First Female President in the History of the Nation.

Dilma Rousseff, 62 has been elected president of Brazil and next January 1st she’ll become the first woman to ever move into the office Lula has occupied for two terms. continue reading »

Brazil’s Ruling Party Candidate Dilma Rousseff a Clear Favorite Today in the Presidential Runoff

Rousseff has not only benefited from President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva’s fantastic popularity, but from a thriving economy as well. Both Rousseff and Jose Serra, the two leading candidates support the current economic policies that have made Brazil one of the world’s fastest growing economies. continue reading »

Brazilian Pro-Life Bishops Receive Death Threats

Three Brazilian bishops-- Bishop Luiz Gonzaga Bergonzini of Guarulhos, Bishop Benedito Beni Dos Santos of Lorena, and Bishop Nelson Westrupp of Santo André-- have received anonymous death threats after urging Catholics not to vote for Dilma Rousseff, the frontrunner in the October 31 presidential election. In 2007, Rousseff called for the legalization of abortion in the world’s largest Catholic nation. continue reading »

President Lula Threatens to Review Brazil’s Agreements with Catholic Church

Brazilian President Luiz “Lula” da Silva has threatened to review the government’s agreements with the Church if Catholic leaders continue to question his likely successor’s stand on abortion. continue reading »