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Tag Results for "Dilma Rouseff"

Has U.S. Been Spying on Brazil?  They Want to Know

Lawmakers in Brazil said Monday they want to question Washington's ambassador here about revelations that the United States has collected and stored the e-mail and telephone records of millions of Brazilians. continue reading »

Brazil Looking to Send 75,000 College Students to World’s Best Schools

As their President Dilma Rouseff becomes the first woman to open debate at the United Nations General Assembly, Brazil is seeing an increase in the number of students able to attend some of the top schools in the United States and across the world. continue reading »

Rio de Janeiro Names First Female Police Chief in Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro, Martha Mesquita da Rocha has been named the first female civil police chief in Brazil. Rocha, 51, has been on the force for 28 years, and was formerly in charge of a special division of precincts that focused on crimes against women. Throughout her career, Rocha has often taken a stand against corruption. continue reading »

Second Lady of Brazil, First Lady of the Paparazzo

During Dilma Rouseff's swearing in as the new president of Brazil, another woman stole the attention of the cameras, and became the third-most-commented-upon subject on the online social networks. continue reading »

First Palestine Embassy in the Western Hemisphere will be Built in Brazil

On New Year's day, Palestine president Mahmoud Abbas laid the cornerstone for a Palestine embassy in Brazil. continue reading »