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Tag Results for "Diana Nyad"

Diana Nyad Forced to Stop as She Attempted to Swim from Cuba to Florida

At 7:42 a.m. EDT Monday, Diana Nyad, who turns 63 on Wednesday, had to be pulled from the water on the fourth day of her swim from Cuba to Florida. Stroking longer and farther than in any of her four attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida continue reading »

Diana Nyad, 62, Once Again Attempting Swim from Cuba to Florida

Last year, Diana Nyad's attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida was cut short after multiple jellyfish stings resulted in a build up of toxins in her body. However, after making it through storms and jellyfish stings on Sunday, it loo continue reading »

Yoani Sanchez from Cuba: The Narrow Width

I felt a shock on learning that Diana Nyad would make an attempt to swim across the Florida Straits. I recalled the days in 1994, when my neighborhood of San Leopoldo was swarming with people building improvised rafts on which to launch themselves into the sea. continue reading »

UPDATE:  61- Yr Old Swimmer Abandons Efforts to Swim From Cuba-to-Florida after 29 Hours (Video)

UPDATE: 29 hours in her incredible journey swimmer Diana Nyad abandoned her effort at 12:45 am this morning to swim the 103-mile trek from Cuba-to-Florida. continue reading »