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Tag Results for "Deportation"

REPORT:  Immigration Detention Program Strains Local Budgets

A new study shows the Federal “Secure Communities Program,” which aims to extend prison stays and the deportation of people perceived as threats, is straining local budgets costing taxpayers about $12.5 million a year. continue reading »

ICE Halts Deportation of Immigrant Activist in Colorado

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have released Jeanette Vizguerra, a Mexican activist living in Colorado, supporters of her 4-year-long battle against deportation said Friday. continue reading »

DREAM 9 Activists Qualify for Political Asylum Says Immigration Authorities

U.S. immigration authorities have determined that seven of the DREAM 9 activists detained in Arizona have grounds to fear persecution if they are returned to Mexico, representatives of the detainees said Tuesday. continue reading »

Daughter of Undocumented Immigrants Calls Legal Triumph Over Arpaio “Bittersweet”

Katherine Figueroa, who obtained a moral victory over Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio when immigration authorities suspended legal proceedings against her undocumented parents, called the win "bittersweet," since her family's future in the United States remains uncertain. continue reading »

Activist Arrested for Protesting Avoids Deportation

An undocumented immigrant arrested for mounting a protest at a state legislative hearing in North Carolina has managed to avoid deportation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Thursday. continue reading »

Anthropology Professor Says New “Type” of Immigrant Trying to Enter U.S.

The ongoing deportation program is resulting a "new type of immigrant" trying to cross the border into the United States, namely undocumented foreigners who have lived illegally for many years in this country and "the only way of life they know is that of the United States," Jason De Leon, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Michigan, said. continue reading »

Activists Take Stand Against Grandmother’s Deportation in Colorado

Leaders of pro-immigrant organizations in Colorado, accompanied by religious groups and members of the community, protested Tuesday in Denver to prevent the deportation of a Hispanic immigrant who needs medical care. continue reading »

Illinois Immigrant Saved from Deportation Following Complaints from Family, Activists

Israel Lopez Bautista, an undocumented Guatemalan immigrant arrested here by immigration agents for having returned to the United States after being deported, was released on Thursday after complaints by relatives and activists. continue reading »

Young Immigrants Celebrate a Year of Deferred Action

This week marks a year since the presidential administrative decree that has permitted thousands of undocumented youths to obtain a reprieve from deportation and a work permit. continue reading »

Rep. Gutierrez Says Only Immigration Reform Can Stop Deportations

President Barack Obama will not put a halt to deportations of undocumented immigrants until and unless Congress passes immigration reform, Rep. Luis Gutierrez told Efe. Obama could not keep his 2008 promise for immigration reform and made it one of the pillars of his second term, but, according to Gutierrez, the immigrant community "is suffering intensely" due to the deportations. continue reading »

North Carolina to Deport Community Activist After Traffic Violation

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has decided to deport a community activist and coordinator of a Catholic youth group in North Carolina after her arrest on a minor traffic violation. continue reading »

Law Students Give Up Spring Break to Assist Immigrations Applying for Deportation Relief

Students from two Miami-area law schools will devote their spring break vacations to helping young undocumented immigrants who want to avoid deportation through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. continue reading »

Latino Congregation to March, Fast at Obama Chicago Home

On Wednesday, Rev. Jose Landaverde of Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Catholic Church in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood announced plans to march on and fast at President Obama’s Kenwood home in protest of the detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants. continue reading »

Mexican Left Calls on Obama to Stop Deportations

Mexico's left-wing Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, called on U.S. President Barack Obama's administration to halt raids and deportations while an immigration overhaul plan that would provide a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented migrants "is debated and approved." continue reading »

Hispanic Youth Use “Magic Kites” to Reveal The Effects of Deportation on Families

Hispanic children and teens in North Carolina with parents or relatives in the process of deportation are creating "magic kites" with bits of their dear ones' clothing to tell their stories. continue reading »

57 Percent Support Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants, Says Survey

Fifty-seven percent of registered U.S. voters support the idea of allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for citizenship, according to a survey released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. continue reading »

Deported Mexican Regains Custody of U.S.-born Children

A county magistrate in North Carolina ordered Tuesday that a Mexican man deported two years ago receive custody of his three U.S.-born children. continue reading »

Venezuela Deports Colombian Drug Lord Daniel “El Loco” Barrera

Reputed drug kingpin Daniel "El Loco" Barrera and another Colombian national were deported back to their homeland on Wednesday, Venezuela's interior minister said. continue reading »

Deported Father Continues to Wait for Custody Ruling

Judge Michael Duncan has said that in November he will have to give further study to the case of a deported Mexican who returned with a special permit to North Carolina in order to fight for the custody of his three children. continue reading »

New Short Film Depicts the Lives of Immigrant Women in the U.S. (VIDEO)

This week, global human rights organization Breakthrough announced the release of “The Call,” a short film that tells the story of millions of immigrant women forced by inhumane U.S. immigration policy to choose between keeping their children safe today and keeping their families together for good. The film is the centerpiece of #ImHere, a high-impact, pop-driven campaign designed to put the human rights of immigrant women on the national agenda of the United States during this election season. continue reading »