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Tag Results for "Deferred Action"

Deferred Action Immigrants Denied Driver’s Licenses in Arizona

A coalition of organizations on Thursday filed suit against the state of Arizona for denying driver's licenses to undocumented young people who have been given a reprieve from deportation under the federal Deferred Action program. continue reading »

Massachusetts Will Offer In-State Tuition To DREAMers With Work Permits

The state of Massachusetts will soon allow undocumented immigrants protected under the President’s deferred action program to pay in-state tuition at public universities. continue reading »

Maryland DREAM Act is a Smart Economic Investment

Education is an investment that yields sizeable dividends over time. Well-educated students go on to become well-educated workers who earn more, pay more in taxes, and are less likely to rely upon public benefits. continue reading »

New Report Reveals the Economic Benefits Of Passing the DREAM Act

What would happen if the United States were to grant a pathway to legal status to an estimated 2.1 million eligible youth in our country by pass­ing the DREAM Act? That’s the focus of a new report released by the Center for American Progress and Partnership for a New American Economy. continue reading »

Romney Claims He Won’t Deport Undocumented Youth With Work Permits

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney promised not to deport undocumented youths who have benefited from the Obama administration's Deferred Action program continue reading »

Arizona Universities May Open In-State Tuition to Deferred Action Beneficiaries

Undocumented immigrants who obtain work permits under the federal Deferred Action program may qualify for in-state tuition at public universities in Arizona. continue reading »

Will He or Won’t He? Romney Keeps Ducking Questions About Obama Deferred Action Policy

The Romney presidential campaign continues to duck answering basic questions regarding a potential President Romney’s immigration policy. Yesterday, Radio Bilingüe featured both Obama and Romney campaign spokespeople on host Samuel Orozco’s Spanish language show. During the interview, Romney spokesperson Sharon Castillo refused to say whether Romney would keep or rescind the deferred action program for DREAMers–yet still tried to maintain that a President Romney would not deport DREAMers (see translated transcript below). continue reading »

DREAMers Finding New Confidence Since Obama’s Deferred Action Announcement

More and more DREAMers - young undocumented immigrants who grew up in the United States - are publicly acknowledging their irregular status without fear of being deported and with the aim of bringing pressure to bear on politicians. continue reading »

DREAMer Benita Veliz Addresses 2012 Democratic Convention

Benita Veliz made history by becoming the first undocumented immigrant to appear before a party convention, offering the Democratic delegates in Charlotte a strong defense of the long-stalled DREAM Act, which would help hundreds of thousands of people in her situation. continue reading »

CHECK OUT:  Journey on Undocubus Now Parked at DNC (VIDEO)

Check out this video produced by our friends over at Colorlines that do a great job keeping us focused on diversity battles everywhere. One of their reporters boarded the Undocubus last week in Tennessee to join undocumented students, immigrants and laborers to get the message on immigration out. continue reading »

Hispanic Federation to Award 100 DREAMers With Scholarships

Continuing its long and successful track record as a national advocate for the Hispanic community on vital issues including education, immigration, health and economic empowerment, the Hispanic Federation proudly announced today it would raise $50,000 to aid eligible immigrant youth applying for the Obama Administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Immigration Program. continue reading »

Immigration Agents Sue Obama: “Let Us Do Our Job and Deport”

10 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have sued President Obama’s administration asking that they be able to do their job and deport undocumented aliens. continue reading »

POLL:  Majority Americans Opposed to Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Who Get Work Permits

Most voters still agree with President Obama’s new policy allowing some young illegal immigrants to get legal work permits, but they strongly oppose also making these young people eligible for driver’s licenses or taxpayer-funded benefits. continue reading »

North Carolina Credit Union Offers “Dreamer Loan” to Alleviate $465 Deferred Action Fee

The Latino Community Credit Union of North Carolina has created a "Dreamer Loan" to keep students who qualify for Deferred Action from being left out because they don't have the money to pay the $465 application fee. continue reading »

ACLU Criticizes Arizona for Denying Driver’s Licenses to Deferred Action Recipients

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's decision to deny driver's licenses to young undocumented immigrants who qualify for Deferred Action has drawn criticism from the ACLU, which says the move shows a failure to grasp the subtleties of immigration law. continue reading »

California Community Center Helps Undocumented Navigate Immigration Process

A community center in Southern California opened in response to the increase in street violence during the 1990s is now helping young undocumented immigrants who want to regularize their status through the federal government's new Deferred Action program. continue reading »

AZ Gov Brewer Bars Benefits for Undocumented Youth Qualifying Under Obama’s ‘Deferred Action’

On the very day thousands of undocumented youth stood in long lines to apply for a two-year reprieve from deportation, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer denied the state's undocumented immigrants any public benefits. continue reading »

Activists Warn of Possible Dangers of Deferred Action in Video

A group of pro-immigrant activists in Chicago on Tuesday released an informational video warning about the possible dangers of deferred action, which on Wednesday will begin to register undocumented young people who want to try and postpone deportation. continue reading »

Deferred Action Request Forms Now Available Online

Earlier this afternoon, the Department of Homeland Security officially released the forms to request deferred action that may be filed by undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country as children and meet various other requirements. continue reading »

USCIS Guidelines For Dreamers Eligible To Request Relief From Deportation

On Friday, the Obama Administration released guidelines for the President’s decision to provide qualifying DREAMers with a two year work permit and temporary relief from deportation. This relief is without a doubt the most significant victory our movement has seen in decades. Now, with less than two weeks to go until August 15th – the day DREAMers can begin the application process continue reading »