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Tag Results for "Death"

Man Gored To Death After Taunting Bull With a Pink Umbrella (VIDEO)

The 50 year old man was gored to death during celebrations in Rafelbunyol, Valencia, Spain. continue reading »

Larger in Death Than in Life - Cemetery for Drug Lords in México (VIDEO)

“Welcome to Jardines De Humaya” in Culiacán, Sinaloa, a cemetery that illustrates the grim contrast between dying a drug lord, and dying anybody else, in Mexico. continue reading »

Green Afterlife: Barcelona Designer Creates Urn That Turns Your Ashes Into a Tree

“Bios Urn” is a project by Barcelona based Martín Azúa, designed to “reintegrate humans to the natural cycle of life,” after their own cycle, has ended. continue reading »

Funeral Parlor In Spain Breaks Paradigms of Architecture and Interior Design

A visually-striking new funeral home in coastal Spain demonstrates that death, and funerals, and funeral homes, don’t necessarily have to be dreadfully depressing. continue reading »

Logan Square Neighbors Mourn the Death of “Bella”

For at least 7 years, a homeless woman known by many neighborhood residents as "Bella" lived in the Logan Square neighborhood, often near Cortland Street and Elston Avenue. Last Wednesday her body, identified as Isabelle Mali, age 50, was found in an alley behind the 1900 block of North Elston Avenue, according to a spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner's office. continue reading »