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Tag Results for "Dead Photos"

Blog del Narco” Women in Sinaloa Killed with Neck Tourniquet

A woman was found executed behind the Villa de Cortez subdivision. The deceased has not been officially identified by authorities. Reports show that at 7:00 pm some people were passing by the side of the drain and discovered the body of a woman. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Columbia- FARC Rebels Confirm Peace Talks in Rap Song!

The Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos recently announced that his government was getting ready to negotiate with Farc rebels. The guerillas have been quiet about confirming the claims, until now. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Zetas Cartel Members arrested in Nuevo Leon

Ten people, including a city official, a police chief and a law enforcement agent, suspected of having links to the Los Zetas drug cartel were arrested in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, officials said Tuesday. Ruben Muzquiz Riojas, security secretary of the city of Anahuac, police chief Jesus Mario Mata Hernandez and police officer Juan Jesus Mendez were among those arrested. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Pair of Young Men(17)  Found Executed in Guerrero

A Pair of young men were executed with bullets to the head. Some residents of the area found the bodies at four o'clock in the afternoon and reported it to authorities. The two young men have been identified as Jose Alfonso Suástegui Garcia, continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Two-Policeman Kidnapped, Killed, Then Dumped in Streets

Hours after gunmen took them to an unknown destination, two Municipal Police bodies were found dumped in the street - shot dead. The Medical Examiner (SEMEFO) of Chilpancingo is handling the case with some secrecy. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Violence Continues in Sinaloa

Having talked with his murderers, a resident of the colony Guadalupe Victoria was gunned down with heavy weapons in the vicinity of San Benito, opposite the Veterinary School of the UAS. The crime was perpetrated minutes before 8:35 pm on Friday, on the boulevard San Angel, at the corner of Calle San Alberto continue reading »

Blog del Narco: 16 Year Old Boy Shot Dead at Grocery Store

A 16-year-old boy was killed yesterday morning in the municipal seat of Coyuca de Catalan, by gunmen who shot him with AK-47. Official reports said the young man was identified as Domingo Delgado Renteria, 16, originally from the town of Agua Fria continue reading »

Blog del Narco: FL Judge Denies Bail to “Queen of the Pacific”

A U.S. judge today denied bail to Sandra Avila Beltran , known as "Queen of the Pacific", in her hearing for drug trafficking takes place in South Florida. At a hearing in Miami federal court, Judge Patrick White said he did not think Avila Beltran was "a danger to society. However, there is the risk that she could take flight, "he said before issuing its ruling. continue reading »

Mexico’s President-Elect Signals “Internationalization” of Drug War

Mexicans have long grown weary of their country’s prolonged War on Drugs. Now, with President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto set to take office in December, it appears change may finally be in the offing. That change, however, may not be what most Mexicans were expecting. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Executed in Escobedo, NL Five Young Men Killed

Five young men living in Escobedo were massacred by a group of masked men who surrounded them and shoot them at close range with heavy weapons. In the attack, another youth was injured with a non- life threatening wound and refused to receive medical attention. continue reading »

Regional Boss of La Familia Michoacana Drug Cartel Arrested

Mexican authorities have arrested the purported head of the once-powerful La Familia Michoacana drug cartel in the eastern region of Mexico state, prosecutors said. Juan Carlos Muñoz Vargas, 36, was detained during a police operation in the state capital of Toluca, the attorney general of that state, which surrounds Mexico City on three sides continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Gunmen Attack Bar in Downtown Monterey

An armed group, consisting of at least eight people entered the premises of the business called "International Bar", located in downtown Monterrey and shot a waiter. The incident took place shortly after 11:30pm hours on the premises that are located at the intersection of Francis I. Madero and Aristae continue reading »

Blog del Narco:  Baby Jaguar Found Wearing Red Collar in Police Raid (VIDEO)

The Animal Welfare Division in Mexico took possession of a Jaguar wearing a red collar during a police raid this week. It is a male, 8 months old and in good health. He will be reviewed by veterinarians before being delivered to the Desert Museum in Saltillo. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Armed group Attacks Local Newspaper in Nuevo Leon

Once more the facilities of a local newspaper were the target of an attack in the municipality of San Pedro. It was reported that the offenders entered the publishing house, poured gasoline and then set the business on fire. The two men shot their guns and ran. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Man Found Tortured and Executed in Sinaloa

A young unidentified man was found dead Sunday morning in an area that lies between the field and the bypass "The Costerita", south of this city. The victim was wearing blue jean pants, black belt, shirt and white tennis shoes. The victim showed signs of having been tortured and gunshot wounds. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Rival Cartels in Shootout- 4 Killed, 6 Injured

Rival Cartels met up at a Taco restaurant on Saturday night in an ambush. Four people were killed and six others were injured at about seven o'clock on Saturday in the restaurant. Several armed men came to the restaurant and without saying a word opened fire with heavy weapons, killing Leopoldo González Avilés (a) Polo, 33 years old, identified as the leader continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Third Waitress Shot Dead (Photo Warning)

The body of a woman with at least five bullet wounds in different parts of the body was found on the road linking the town of Riva Palacio, Michoacan, Cutzamala de Pinzon, Guerrero. The woman was taken to the hospital where she was later identified as Angelica Perez Garcia, 25 years old from Amuco de la Reforma, municipality of Coyuca de Catalan and avecindada in Cd Altamirano, where she worked as a waitress. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Sinaloa Cartel Tortures and Executes Alleged Traitor

A man labeled a traitor to the Sinaloa Cartel was found with arms taped back, gagged, his head covered with a shirt, and with visible traces of having been tortured and executed by a shot in the head in the town of Navolato. The body was under a cotton tree, within a farmland near the ejido La Bandera, and left a message written on a card phosphorescent, where X marked him traitor. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Two Drug Cartels Clash- Leaving 8 Dead

A clash between suspected members of two drug cartels resulted in eight people being killed in the southern state of Mexico. Among the deceased that could be identified is Paul Jaimes Castrejon, aka The Sow, alleged leader of the drug cartel, according to local police reports. continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Car Bomb Explodes in Nuevo Laredo Outside Mayors Office

A car bomb exploded outside the mayor’s office of Nuevo Laredo, injuring seven. Property damage to the facade of the building and 11 vehicles was also reported, according to the Government of Tamaulipas. According to a joint statement released by the Attorney General and the Secretariat of Public Security of the State, the attack occurred at 11:15 am. continue reading »