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Tag Results for "David Rivera"

Florida Congressman Introduces His Complicated, Onerous Alternative To The DREAM Act

Immigration remains a divisive issue for Republicans, with a faction of the party backing anti-immigrant laws while others are more moderate. On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney tried to straddle the divide. He first promised to veto the DREAM Act to win over hard right primary voters, before saying in April that he would be OK with the legislation for people who serve in the military. continue reading »

Florida Rep. Rivera’s “thank you” Expenditures Under Investigation

David Rivera dropped out of the Florida state Senate race last year when he decided to run for Congress. When this happens, the funds raised for the Senate race need to be separated and need to follow very specific state campaign rules for expenditures. continue reading »

Rising Hispanic Star of Republic Party Comes under Scrutiny Again for Finances

David Rivera is running for Congress as the Republican candidate in Florida and has once again come under scrutiny for his questionable finances. The Cuban American who is currently a state representative is running to gain continue reading »