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Tag Results for "Current Events"

Extreme Trafficking: Latino Doctor Arrested for Illegally Trafficking $10M Worth of Oxycodone in NYC

Dr. Hector Castro and Patricia Rodriguez were arrested for illegally trafficking oxycodone through the Itzama Medical Center in New York to the tune of $10 million. continue reading »

JUST IN: Texas District Attorney and Wife Found Shot Dead in Their Home

Texas District Attorney, Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were found shot to dead in their home Saturday night. McLelland is Kaufman County’s district attorney. These killings are the third killings of Kaufman County officials this year – some believe they are all related. continue reading »

Latino Poetry Festival Kicks Off in Chicago

Chicago will play host once again to the largest international Latino Poetry Festival in the Midwest. The festival, which launches April 11, 2013, coincides with National Poetry Month and is free to the public. continue reading »

Foreign Passports Can No Longer Be Used as ID in Georgia

Georgia's Republican-controlled state legislature has passed a bill that would prohibit the use of foreign passports as identification, a measure that some organizations say could leave many immigrants without access to basic services. continue reading »

Cecilia Preciado Burciaga, Chicano/Latino Student Champion, Dies at 67

Cecilia Preciado Burciaga, mentor and advocate to countless minority students and the first high-ranking Latina administrator at a top university, has died at age 67 from lung cancer. continue reading »

Boxer Robert Guerrero Arrested at Airport for Illegal Gun Possession

Mexican-American boxing champ and Floyd Mayweather Jr’s. next challenger, Robert Guerrero was arrested this morning at JFK Airport for illegal possession of a gun. continue reading »

STUDY: Hispanic-Americans Coffee Consumption Driving Growth

Overall coffee consumption jumped by five percentage points this year, driven in great part by Hispanic-American coffee consumption patterns, according to the NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) market research study. continue reading »

Striking Culinary Workers Shut Down the Las Vegas Strip

Striking members of Las Vegas’ Culinary Workers Local 226 shut down the Las Vegas strip by leading protests on the street blocking strip traffic, resulting in 98 arrests. continue reading »

STUDY:  Annually 250,000 Guns are Smuggled into Mexico from U.S.

It is no surprise that the majority of guns that are in Mexico and associated with the narco wars came from the U.S., especially in light of the fact that Mexico only has one gun store. continue reading »

Rand Paul May Support Path to Citizenship – Latinos Say Who Cares

There is a lot of buzz about Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul’s sudden embrace of immigration reform and a possible ‘path to citizenship’. So why aren't Latinos bringing out the tequila to toast? continue reading »