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Tag Results for "Current Events"

Mexico News: 2,978 Telescopes Aimed at Moon Sets Guinness World Record

Mexico has another Guinness World Record, when it aimed 2,978 telescopes located throughout that country, at the moon. The initiative was in honor of International Year of Water Cooperation. continue reading »

Willie Nelson Doing Concert to Benefit West, Texas Blast Victims

As residents of West, Texas are returning to their homes, many people are coming to their aid including country singer Willie Nelson. continue reading »

Chavela Vargas Honored on Her 94th Birthday with a Google Doodle

Google has honored Mexican singing icon Chavela Vargas with a Google Doodle on what would of been her 94th Birthday. continue reading »

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Has ‘Stop a Mexican’ Ringtone – Is that Really Necessary?

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone apparently has something for everyone including a ringtone celebrating ‘stopping Mexicans’ before they entering the country illegally. continue reading »

Boston Marathon Bombings Being Investigated - No Suspects Yet

Boston authorities investigating the double-bombing at the Boston Marathon continue to look for suspects. Three people are confirmed dead and over hundred have been injured some with life threatening injuries. continue reading »

New Mexico Man Attempts to Pay Prostitute with McDonald Meal

New Mexico trucker Donald Jones, 58, is in trouble with authorities for trying to pay for sex with his McDonald’s meal and we are sure McDonald’s Corp is not happy with the publicity. continue reading »

Mexican Catholic Church: Cancun Playboy Casino Has to GO

The Mexican Catholic Church is offended, pissed and ready for a good fight against American lite-porn house Playboy. The Church, which views gambling as a place that “attracts criminal elements”, does not want one placed in front of its front door. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Eugene Maraventano Kills Wife and Son on Fears He Gave Them HIV

64-year-old Eugene Maraventano thought his years of enjoying prostitutes had caught up with him when his wife became ill. When wife Janet became ill and cancer was ruled out Maraventano was convinced it was HIV. continue reading »

JUST IN:  Former Mouseketeer, Beach Movie Icon Annette Funicello Dies

Annette Funicello, the former Mouseketeer and beach movie icon has died at age 70 from complications from multiple sclerosis. continue reading »

Celebrate National Empanada Day

Today is a day to honor one of Hispanic America’s greatest culinary creations, the empanada, on The National Empanada Day. continue reading »

Former British Prime Minister and Argentine Foe Margaret Thatcher Dies

Former British Prime Minister and Argentine foe Margaret Thatcher has dies at age 87 from a stroke. Thatcher led British forces to victory over Argentina in the 1982 Falklands War continue reading »

Parents of Slain Teen Trayvon Martin Settle Wrongful Death with FL Homeowners Association

Parents of slain African-American teen, Trayvon Martin, have settled a wrongful death suit for a reported $1 million with the home association where the 17-year-old was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in February, 2012. continue reading »

Libyan Diplomat Found Apparently Murdered in Spain

In Spanish news authorities are reporting the apparent violent death of a Libyan diplomat that lived in Spain and worked at the Libyan Embassy in Spain. continue reading »

AP Says Adios and Bans Use of Term “Illegal Immigrant”

Associated Press (AP), the world’s oldest and largest newsgathering organization, announced it will no longer be using the term “illegal” in their AP Stylebook to describe people living in the country illegally. continue reading »

U.S. State Dept. Confirms U.S. Citizen Raped, Kidnapped in Rio de Janeiro

The State Department has confirmed what Brazilian and French authorities had stated earlier, that a U.S. citizen was the victim of a vicious gang rape and kidnapping in Rio de Janiero this past Sunday. continue reading »

$338 Million Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada to Pay Neighbors Rent

Dominican immigrant and recent $338 Million Powerball winner Pedro Quezada is going to pay the rent of his Passaic, New Jersey neighbors for a couple of months, one of his close friends announced to the NY Daily News. continue reading »

Monthly Remittances to Mexico $1.58 Billion - 11% Drop

Mexico received $1.58 billion in remittances in February, 11.1 percent below the amount recorded in the same month of 2012, the country's central bank said Monday. continue reading »

Chicago Make-Up Artist and Latino Entrepreneur Launches Fragrance Line

Chicago make-up artist and perfume entrepreneur, Hernan Rivera, has launched a new fragrance line called 'Greed'. The Hispanic entrepreneur is ready to compete with other perfume heavyweights continue reading »

U.S. Developer Taubman to Build $400 Million Luxury Mall in Puerto Rico

U.S. Developer Taubman is planning a $400 million shopping mall in San Juan, Puerto Rico that will host high-end retailers Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue amongst others. continue reading »

Bachata Star Prince Royce Signs with Sony, Next Album in Spanish

Bachata star Prince Royce has just signed a lucrative contract with Sony Music and will launch his next album under their label in Spanish. continue reading »