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Tag Results for "Cuban News"

Friendly International Games Between U.S and Cuba Will Resume in July

Cuba and the United States in July will resume in Havana an annual series of friendly baseball games that will serve to prepare both countries for international events. continue reading »

Cuba Facing Pork Shortage in State Markets

Pork, the main attraction among all Cuban dishes, has been in short supply at state markets since January following a drop of almost 70 percent in availability due to continue reading »

Cuban Cigar Sales Up 9 Percent Internationally

International sales of luxurious Cuban cigars climbed 9 percent in 2011 with revenues of $401 million following an upturn in the market, executives of Habanos S.A. said Monday. continue reading »

Building Collapses in Cuba, 3 Killed

Three people died and six others were injured when one of the many dilapidated buildings in Havana collapsed, Cuba's official media said Wednesday. The three-s continue reading »

Castro on U.S. Politics:  Robot Better President than a Republican or Obama

A robot would govern the United States better, former Cuban President Fidel Castro says in column published Monday in official media. continue reading »

Cuban Farmers Set to Sell Directly to Tourist Hotels

Cuban farmers and hotels have begun to accommodate themselves to the new commercial framework that allows them to sell and buy agricultural products directly with each other, a measure included in the recent adjustments to "update" the island's socialist economic model, government-run media reported. continue reading »

Self-Employment the Preference for Many Cuban Women

Cuba has seen an increase over the last two years in the number of women and workers of a higher educational level who have opted for self-employment, though the young seem uninterested, a recent survey shows. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Publishes “Reflections” Book in Argentina

The Argentinean Congress presented Friday a book of reflections written by Cuban leader Fidel Castro, on the mercenary invasion of the Bay of Pigs in April, 1961. continue reading »

Cuba Prepares for Popes Spring Visit

The Cuban government expressed its "satisfaction" over the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the island next spring and added that it will receive him "with all the respect and love that he deserves," Havana's envoy to the Holy See said Tuesday. continue reading »

Pope Confirms Visit to Cuba as “Pilgrim of Charity”

Cuba has confirmed the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the island, which is why it is called the visit of the " Pilgrim of Charity." continue reading »

Nightmare in Shark-infested Waters off Cuba in ‘86 May Help Save Coral Reefs

Twenty five years ago, on December 4, 1986, Walter Wyatt's plane crashed in the waters of Cay Sal Bank, a remote area between Cuba and The Bahamas. It sank almost immediately. continue reading »

Cuba Creates its Own Facebook-Like Social Network

“Redsocial,” The Cuban carbon copy of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network Facebook, is the island’s new “Virtual meeting point for Cuban Universities.” continue reading »

Chicago’s O’Hare Begins Weekly NonStop Flights to Cuba

Starting this week Chicago’s O’Hare airport will be offering weekly nonstop flights to Cuba. The charter C&T will offer one flight to Cuba every Friday and offer one weekly return flight from Cuba. continue reading »

Singer Silvio Rodriguez Returns to his Cuban Roots

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez will appear on Dec. 10 at the National Fine Arts Museum in Havana where he gave his first concert 44 years ago, state media reported. continue reading »

Cuban Revolutionary Who Orchestrated 1958 Grand Prix Driver Kidnapping Dies

Arnold Rodriguez Camps, an early follower of Fidel Castro who took part in the 1958 kidnapping of race-car driver Juan Manuel Fangio on the eve of Cuba's Grand Prix, died in continue reading »

Catholic Church in Cuba Lives a New Relationship with Government

The dialogue with the government of Raul Castro remains open, and touches all sectors of national life, including the process of economic reforms on the island continue reading »

Cuba Tells UN, US is Intervening in Libya as Excuse to Plunder their Resources

A “preventive war” is taking place in Libya using the protection of civilians as a pretext to plunder the country’s resources, Cuba’s Foreign Minister told the General Assembly’s annual general debate today, calling for Libyans to be left alone to decide their destiny. continue reading »

‘You Lied’ Says Cuba to Former Governor Bill Richardson

To hear former New Mexican Governor Bill Richardson tell it, he was invited to Cuba by the Raul Castro government to discuss the Alan Gross matter. continue reading »

Havana’s Ladies in White Ask Church to Mediate Over Harassment

Havana's Ladies in White, who advocate for the liberation of political prisoners, have asked the Catholic Church to mediate with President Raul Castro over harassment which they were subjected to in August. The Spanish news agency EFE reported that Berta Soler, a leader of the Ladies in White and wife of ex-prisoner Angel Moya, told journalists that the chancellor for the Archdiocese of Havana, Msgr. Ramon Suarez Polcari, and the archdiocesan spokesman, Orlando Marquez, were very receptive to the request, made in a meeting Aug. 30. continue reading »

First-of-Its-Kind Wedding in Cuba – Gay Man Weds Transsexual Woman

In honor or in scorn of Fidel Castro’s 85th birthday, depending on who you ask, a gay man and a transsexual woman wed in a first-of-its-kind wedding. Though gay marriage is not allowed in Cuba the government sanctioned wedding was seen my many gay Cuban’s as a step out of the shadows. continue reading »