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Tag Results for "Cuban News"

Cuba Announces Opening of First Solar Power Plant

Cuba's first solar power plant is in operation, helping the island reduce its reliance on imported oil, state media reported Sunday. continue reading »

In Cuba Over 50 Poisoned After Drinking Wood Alcohol, 7 Die

Seven people died this week and 46 others were poisoned after drinking methyl, or wood, alcohol sold illegally in a Havana neighborhood, state-run television said Wednesday. continue reading »

Internet to be In Most Cuban Homes by 2014

Cuba's state-run telecom company ETECSA plans to begin offering in-home Internet connections by late 2014, a director of the company told Efe. continue reading »

Cuban Film “Pablo” Winner at New York City International Film Fest

The Cuban production "Pablo," directed by Yosmani Acosta, took home two prizes from the New York City International Film Festival, for Best Director and Best Supporting Actor, at a ceremony in which Latin American and Spanish productions won some important honors. continue reading »

Cuban Spy Rene Gonzalez Renounces US Citizenship

Rene Gonzalez, currently on probation after spending 13 years behind bars in the United States for espionage, received on Friday formal certification of his renunciation of U.S. citizenship. continue reading »

Dissident Blogger Yoani Sanchez Thanks Spanish Lawmakers

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez visited the lower house of the Spanish Parliament on Wednesday and praised the "solidarity" of Spanish lawmakers with the Cuban people and with the struggle for democracy by the island's civil activists and dissidents. continue reading »

Cuban Government: Reform Will Not be Easy

The most complex and important parts of the reform plan launched in Cuba to update its socialist economic model are yet to come, Communist Party daily Granma said Tuesday. continue reading »

Cuban Dissident Yoani Sanchez Calls for Unity Among Cubans

Dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez on Monday issued a call to Cuban exiles to help forge a feeling of unity among all Cubans and to end the existence of "Fidel's Cubans and Miami's Cubans." continue reading »

Rep. McGovern Says It’s Time for U.S. to Drop Cuba from Terror List

The United States should remove Cuba from its list of countries that sponsor terrorism as a gesture of goodwill so that progress can be made on a broad range of matters of bilateral interest, continue reading »

Dissident Blogger Yoani Sanchez: Younger Cuban VP is a Step Forward

Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez said Sunday in Rio de Janeiro that the election of Miguel Diaz-Canel as first Cuban vice president is a step forward on the island not due to his ideological position bu continue reading »

Raul Castro Set to Retire But Not for Another Five Years

In Latin America news, 81-year-old Cuban President Raul Castro announced his retirement from office effective in 5-years when his current terms end. Castro was just re-elected to another term this weekend. continue reading »

Catholic Church Property Nationalized by Fidel Castro in 1961 Returned

Authorities in the province of Granma, in the south-east of Cuba, have returned to the Catholic Church two buildings and land, within the policies of President Raul Castro, continue reading »

Easier Travel Rules for Cubans Go Into Effect Today

Cubans are informing themselves - amid hope and disbelief - about the aspects of the immigration reform that enters into force on Monday on the Communist-ruled island, where the measure simplifying the procedures to travel abroad is still causing confusion. continue reading »

Spain Wants Lenient Treatment for Angel Carromero on His Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

The treatment board of a prison in the north-central Spanish province of Segovia has proposed that Angel Carromero, who was extradited from Cuba after being convicted there of vehicular manslaughter, be granted open-regime, or semi-free, status. continue reading »

Cuba’s New Tax Law Takes Effect - Intended to Improve “Economic Conditions”

Cuba enacted this Jan. 1 a new Tax Law to continue the government's "modernization" of socialism with economic reforms that revamp the tax culture of a country where taxes have continue reading »

American Captive Alan Gross Celebrates Hanukkah with Cuban Jews

Leaders of Cuba's Jewish community paid a Hanukkah call on U.S. contractor Alan Gross at the Havana military hospital where the American man is serving a 15-year sentence for subversion. continue reading »

U.S. Senate Demands Cuba Free Alan Gross

By unanimous consensus, the U.S. Senate on Thursday approved a bipartisan resolution demanding that Cuban authorities immediately release imprisoned U.S. contractor Alan Gross. continue reading »

US State Dept to Cuba: Return Alan Gross to Family “Where he Belongs”

The Deputy Spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State released a statement regarding the start of the 4th year of imprisonment for U.S. contractor Alan Gross. continue reading »

Judy Gross Urges Obama to Get Husband Released From Cuban Prison

Judy Gross, wife of the U.S. contractor serving a 15-year prison sentence in Cuba for subversion, urged President Barack Obama on Friday to give the case top priority and to take action to get her husband released by designating a special envoy. continue reading »

U.S. Archdiocese Sends Aid for Cuba’s Sandy Victims

The Catholic Archdiocese of Miami sent Monday to Cuba a shipment of more than 4 tons of provisions for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Archbishop Thomas Wenski told a press conference that continue reading »