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Tag Results for "Cuba News"

Are Cuban Internet Centers Offering Fair Prices?

Cubans had their first experience Tuesday of the island's new Web browsing services with the opening of 118 new Internet centers nationwide, though the price of being online was still too expensive for most citizens. continue reading »

Ladies in White May Look to Expand Movement in Cuba

The leader of the Cuban dissident group Ladies in White, Berta Soler, said Sunday that she would like to broaden the movement on the island as part of her near-term plans after the three-month international tour she concluded early this past week. continue reading »

British Hotel Group Developing $350-million Golf Resort in Cuba

The British firm Esencia Hotels and Resorts is to take part in developing a $350-million golf resort on the island in a project approved by Cuba's tourism authorities. continue reading »

Undocumented Cuban Migrants Rescued in Puerto Rico

Six undocumented Cuban migrants landed illegally on the Mona islet, in western Puerto Rico, U.S. authorities in San Juan reported Thursday. continue reading »

Cubans Now Allowed to Import Electric Applicances

Cuban customs authorities starting on Monday authorized individuals to import electric appliances and mopeds in a resolution eliminating the prohibition on such imports that had been in force since 2005. continue reading »

Defected Cuban Ballerinas to Perform in Miami For First Time

The seven members of the National Ballet of Cuba who defected in March while on tour in Mexico will perform for the first time in the United States at a May 25 show in Miami. continue reading »

Alan Gross Settles Suit Against Employers in Cuba

Alan Gross, the U.S. contractor serving a 15-sentence in Cuba for subversion, has settled a lawsuit against the firm that hired him for a project on the Communist-ruled island, his lawyers said Friday. continue reading »

Cuban Economy is Dependent on Growing Tourism Sector

Cash-strapped Cuba is looking to further boost its long-vital tourism sector, the crown jewel of which the famed resort town, Varadero, is located 138 kilometers (85 miles) east of Havana. continue reading »

Spy May Return to Cuba if he Renounces U.S. Citizenship

Rene Gonzalez, currently on probation after serving 13 years in a U.S. prison for espionage, may remain in Cuba - where he traveled last month with court approval - if he agrees to give up his U.S. citizenship, a federal judge said Friday. continue reading »

Cuba to Allow “Dozens” of Dissidents to Leave

The Cuban government is preparing to authorize "dozens" of political opponents to leave the country in the coming weeks, the chairman of the dissident Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation said here Wednesday. continue reading »

U.S. Grants Raul Castro’s Daughter Visa to Attend LGBT Forum

The U.S. State Department finally granted a visa to Cuban President Raul Castro's daughter so that she can attend a May 2-5 forum on LGBT issues in Philadelphia, Equality Forum, the organizer of the seminar, said on Tuesday. continue reading »

Classic Taxis of Havana Now Face Competition From Private Services

Havana's taxis, most of them vintage American cars that have traditionally shared the service they offer, for the first time in decades face the unusu continue reading »

Cuban Government: Reform Will Not be Easy

The most complex and important parts of the reform plan launched in Cuba to update its socialist economic model are yet to come, Communist Party daily Granma said Tuesday. continue reading »

Havana Bar Sloppy Joe’s Sees Major Upgrade

Sloppy Joe's, one of the legendary Havana bars of the 20th century for its bohemian clientele, its long bar and famous customers like Ernest Hemingway and Spencer Tracy, has reopened its doors after almost half a century in ruins thanks to a painstaking reconstruction aimed at giving the city back some important memories. continue reading »

Cuba to Turn Over Parents Wanted For Kidnapping Sons

Cuba will turn over to U.S. authorities the American couple accused of kidnapping their two young sons from their maternal grandmother, who had permanent custody of them, and taking them to the island illegally, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said Tuesday. continue reading »

Dad Accused of Kidnapping Sons Apparently in Cuba Where There’s No Extradition

The two boys snatched last week by their parents from the Florida home of their grandmother - who had custody of the kids - may be in Cuba with their mother and father. continue reading »

Beyonce, Jay-Z in Cuba to Celebrate Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Beyonce and Jay-Z are in Cuba where on Thursday they had breakfast at a restaurant in Old Havana to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. continue reading »

7 Members of Cuban National Ballet Defect During International Tour

Seven members of the Cuban National Ballet defected during a recent tour in Mexico and all but one have crossed the border into the United States, a Miami-based news Web site reported. continue reading »

Cubans Top Choices for Emigrating: Boliva, Chile and Ecuador

Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile over the past 20 years have become new Latin American destinations for Cubans who decide to emigrate, the official weekly Trabajadores reported Monday. continue reading »

Few Expats Would Move Back to Cuba, Says Cuban Researcher

Only a "very small proportion" of the roughly 2 million Cubans living abroad - 75 percent of them in the United States - are thinking about ever returning to the island to stay, although they would cooperate in the reconstruction of the country amid a process of democratic change, a leading Cuba scholar said Thursday. continue reading »