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Tag Results for "Cuba News"

Leader of Cuba’s Ladies in White in Intensive Care

The founder of a Cuban dissident group, the Ladies in White, was hospitalized for acute respiratory problems and was in intensive care Saturday, her associates said. continue reading »

U.S. Groups Monitoring Cuba’s Plans to Retreive Billions of Barrels of Oil

Cuba sent a large oil rig en route off its northern coast in search of what it believes to be billions of gallons of oil underneath the ocean floor, but after the BP oil spill, U.S. environmental groups have been quick to investigate the country’s oil exploration plans. continue reading »

Yoani Sanchez from Cuba: The Narrow Width

I felt a shock on learning that Diana Nyad would make an attempt to swim across the Florida Straits. I recalled the days in 1994, when my neighborhood of San Leopoldo was swarming with people building improvised rafts on which to launch themselves into the sea. continue reading »

Celebrations of Fidel Castro´s 85th Birthday Last All Week

A music concert by 22 artists from nine countries will take place on the eve of Fidel Castro’s 85th birthday, Saturday, August 13. continue reading »

UPDATE:  61- Yr Old Swimmer Abandons Efforts to Swim From Cuba-to-Florida after 29 Hours (Video)

UPDATE: 29 hours in her incredible journey swimmer Diana Nyad abandoned her effort at 12:45 am this morning to swim the 103-mile trek from Cuba-to-Florida. continue reading »

Yoani Sánchez From Cuba: My Reasons for the Bridge

With regards to the new amendment presented in the U.S. Congress to restrict travel and remittances to Cuba. We lived in a dark time in 1992 and this daughter of a train engineer with no train had decided to drop out of high school. I got up early and told my mother. Hands on my head, screaming through the house, the dog barking in shock continue reading »

The National Ballet of Cuba is Making its First United States Tour in Eight Years

The National Ballet of Cuba plans to deliver a “message of peace” when it starts its first United States tour in eight years, said renowned director, Alicia Alonso. continue reading »

Cuba Set to Begin Drilling for Oil with International Help

Cuban is preparing to drill for oil and hoping to transform its economy if huge beds of crude are found in the Gulf of Mexico. This fall Cuba is ready to drill 5,000 feet deep with international help: the Chinese are building the rigs, the Brazilians are financing the ports, and the Spanish are doing exploratory drilling. continue reading »

Yoani Sánchez From Cuba: The Mansion, The Country

She has a five-bedroom house that is falling to pieces. She got it in the seventies when the family for whom she worked as a maid went into exile. At first she went through all the rooms each day, continue reading »

Study on Economic Growth in Cuba wins International Research Prize

The winning study was entitled "Economic growth in Cuba: an analysis from total factor productivity", and was presented by a professor from Havana University, Yaima Doimeadiós Reyes. continue reading »

Castro Steps Down from his 50-Year Reign as Leader of Cuban Communist Party

True to his word, President Raul Castro at the Community Party conference in Cuba, promised sweeping changes and a ‘rejuvenation’ of the Communist party – and it happened. continue reading »

Cuba Wants Term Limits and to “Rejuvenate” Communism

As happens with anyone that is getting older a time of reflection and introspection occurs which is what appears to be happening to President Raul Castro. continue reading »

Cuba Sees Worse Drought in 50 Years

The drought in Cuba that started two years ago continues making this the worse drought that the island nation has seen in 50 years. continue reading »

50 Years Later, Congress Finally Honors Bay of Pigs Vets (VIDEO)

Five decades after these brave Cuban men volunteered to participate in what turned out to be a giant blunder, Congress has decided to honor their courage. continue reading »

Alberto Granado of ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ Fame and Travel Companion of Che Guevara Dies at 88 in Cuba

At the end of December 1951, Che Guevara and Granado, six years older than “Fuser” as Guevara was known before “Che” set in, left their homeland, Argentina for a long-planned motorcycle adventure to see more of their continent. continue reading »

Catholic Church Announces Release of Additional Cuban Prisoners

The Catholic Church announced the release of eight prisoners at the conclusion of its dialogue with the Government of President Raul Castro. Among the released detainees is Pedro Argüelles, a member of the group of 75 dissidents arrested in March 2003 continue reading »

Cubans Fear- Go Bankrupt or Prosper…

For those who grew up in a country where the state, for decades, has been the monopoly employer, to be forced to make a living independently is like jumping into the void. Thus, workers are overcome with fear continue reading »

Venezuela-Cuba Fibre-Optic Cable Project Begins

A fibre-optic cable stretching from Venezuela to Cuba has begun being laid and should be in place by February with operations beginning in July. It will stretch 1000 miles and greatly improve Cuba’s telephone and Internet services. continue reading »

Yoani Sánchez in Cuba: Layoffs and Farewells

She was an attorney at a business in Camagüey until the Day of the Magi, when her gift was a layoff notice. Disheartened, she took home her plastic drinking cup and the small-leafed plant that adorned her desk. continue reading »