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Tag Results for "Cuba Health News"

Cuba Cholera Cases Reach 85 and May Rise

At least 85 cases of cholera have been confirmed in Cuba and three people have died since the outbreak was detected, officials of the Pan American Health Organization told Efe on Tuesday. continue reading »

Cuba Reports 53 People Have Contracted Cholera and Three Have Died

Fifty-three people contracted cholera in Manzanillo, a city in the eastern province of Granma, and three died from the bacterial disease, the Cuban government said Tuesday. "A variety of germs have been identified among all the patients seen to, with 53 cases diagnosed with Vibrio cholerae, of whom the three fatalities were elderly adults ages 95, 70 and 66, all with records of chronic illnesses," the Public Health Ministry said in a statement published in the offical daily Granma. continue reading »