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Tag Results for "Crime News"

Police Monitoring Security Footage of Deadly Halloween Stampede in Spain

Spanish police are investigating videos taken by security cameras in a corridor of the Madrid Arena, scene of a giant Halloween party where three people died and two others were badly hurt in a stampede. continue reading »

Colombian Rapper “El Duke” Murdered in Medellin

Rapper Elider Varela, known as "El Duke," was murdered in the northwestern Colombian metropolis of Medellin, reminding people of the violence that continues to plague poor areas of many of the nation's cities, grassroots and cultural groups and local artists say. continue reading »

Texas Couple Sentenced to 5 Years for Conspiring to Bribe a Border Patrol Agent

A federal judge in Las Cruces, New Mexico sentenced Debbie Ayala, 26, of San Elizardo, Texas, and David Rogelio Leyva, 27, of Socorro, Texas, to five-year prison terms for conspiring to bribe a public official, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth J. Gonzales. Ayala and Leyva will be on supervised release for three years after they complete their prison sentences. continue reading »

Guatemalan Family of 4 Murdered in Their Beds

Four members of a family were fatally shot inside their home in the eastern Guatemalan province of Zacapa, authorities said Wednesday. The attack took place Tuesday night in the hamlet of La Plancha, about 156 kilometers (97 miles) east of the capital, a spokesman for fire rescue said. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Teen Takes Little Brother to Rob a Florida Walmart

A teenage girl in Florida reportedly brought her 6-year-old brother along with her as she and another man attempted to rob a store. A 14-year-old girl was arrested after she a continue reading »

Inamtes Sue Florida Jail for Denying Them Dental Floss

Inmates in Florida are suing their jail for not providing them with dental floss. Joel Flores, 23, and three fellow inmates at Palm Beach County jail have filed civil lawsuits over the last month against Sheriff Ric Bradsha continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: New Mexico Man Shoots Niece With Shotgun

A New Mexico man has been charged with shooting and killing his niece despite his mother’s attempts to wrestle the gun away from him. Marvin Martinez, 55, was arrested in Albuquerque and ch continue reading »

Mexico Arrests 7 Federal Officials for Aiding Sinaloa Cartel

Mexican authorities announced the arrest of seven federal government employees who allegedly aided and abetted the Sinaloa drug cartel, headed by notorious fugitive Joaquin "El Chapo" (Shorty) Guzman. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Decade After Clown Rapes Girl, He is Finally Put Away

A man who worked as a professional clown is facing up to 10 years in prison for abducting and raping a young girl in California in 2002. While still in costume and makeup as “El Tin Larin” continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Man Tasered, Pepper Sprayed, Arrested After Fighting with Stop Sign

Early Friday morning New Mexico police responded to a call about a man who appeared to be fighting with a stop sign. When officers arrived at the Roswell intersection, they discovered 45-year-old Raymo continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Monserate Perez Stomps On 3-Year-Old’s Leg, Breaking It

A Connecticut man is accused of stomping on and breaking the leg of his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. Monserate Perez, 528, of West Haven was arrested Thursday morning after his girlfriend took her toddler to Y continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Morales-Rodriguez Convited of Murder for Killing a Mother, Stealing her Fetus

A Wisconsin woman has been convicted of killing both a pregnant woman and her fetus when she attacked the mother and tried to remove the fetus. Annette Morales-Rodriguez, 34, now faces a mandatory life sen continue reading »

Teen Arrested in Chile for Killing Police Officer During Protest

An adolescent male was arrested Wednesday on suspicion he fired the shot that killed a Chilean police officer during violent protests marking the 39th anniversary of Gen. Augusto Pinochet's coup. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Boy, 6, Killed While Trying to Protect Sister from Intruder

A little boy is being called a hero after he risked and lost his life trying to protect his sister from an intruder. On Sunday, high on a drug combination called “wet” – a mix of PCP and marijuana – Osvaldo Rivera, 31, broke into the Camde continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Girlfriend Cuts of Boyfriend’s Penis, Flushes It Down Toilet

A Peruvian woman was so angry when she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her that she did the unthinkable. Julia Muñoz Huaman, 41, and her boyfriend Ramon Arias Apaico, 46, were staying in a Brena ho continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Infant Dies After Father Puts Drugs in His Bottle

A Pennsylvania father will remain in jail while he faces charges of 3rd degree murder for allegedly fatally mixing drugs in his infant son’s bottle. Prosecutors say 45-year-old Orlando Rosado was atte continue reading »

Colombia Captures 18 Gang Members With Links to 17 Murders

Colombian authorities arrested 18 suspected members of the Los Urabeños criminal gang who are accused in connection with 17 murders, tracking them down in three separate parts of the country, the National Police said Saturday. continue reading »

Mayor Emanuel, DOJ, Chicago Police Dept. Expand Violence Reduction Initiative

More than 50 Additional Federal Agents from FBI, DEA, ATF, USMS Join Concentrated Police Resources to Reduce Violence, Improve Quality of Life - continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Angel Delgado Robs Bank, Attempts to Flee on Bicycle

Reminder: When robbing bank, procure quick getaway vehicle. Angel Delgado has learned that the hard way after he attempted to flee a bank robbery scene on a bicycle. continue reading »

Televisa Denies Any Connection to Drug Suspects Arrested in Nicaragua

Mexican media giant Televisa said in a statement released Wednesday that none of the 18 suspects arrested last week in Nicaragua in possession of a big cash haul and disguised as news journalists has ever worked at the company and also denied any link to the vehicles seized from them. continue reading »