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Tag Results for "Costa Rica News"

Costa Rica to Invest $250 Million to Upgrades Its Electricity Supply to Growing Demand

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved $250 million in financing to strengthen the development of Costa Rica’s electricity sector to help meet the country’s growing electricity demand, increase competitiveness, and raise living standards. continue reading »

Pope Benedict Receives President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla Miranda

This morning the Holy Father Benedict XVI received in audience Laura Chinchilla Miranda, president of Costa Rica. The president subsequently went on to meet with Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone S.D.B. who was accompanied by Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, secretary for Relations with States. continue reading »

Inmates in Costa Rica Can Wear Women’s Panties and Cross Dress Says Supreme Court

The Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica's Supreme Court ordered prison officials to allow a male inmate to dress in women's clothing after he claimed that they forbade him to do so, the La Nacion newspaper reported Sunday. continue reading »

First Tax Fraud Conviction in Costa Rica’s History, 10 Year Sentence

Maira Marlene Zamora Alvarado, will spend the next ten years in prison and pay a fine of $180 million colones, after being found guilty of tax fraud in Costa Rica. This is the first tax fraud conviction in the country’s history. Zamora Alvarado is the sister of Movimiento Libertario party legislator, Mireya Zamora. continue reading »

Costa Rica’s Dog Dilemma - One Million Abandoned a Year and 95% Come from Puppy Mills

Any responsible pet owner knows that owning pets, especially dogs, is a big responsibility. However, in Costa Rica there is a big dog dilemma. With thousands of puppy mills, so-called breeders, continue reading »

UPDATE:  Secretary Napolitano Visit to El Salvador and Costa Rica

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano,traveled to San Salvador, El Salvador and San Jose, Costa Rica to meet with international counterparts continue reading »

Starbucks Coming to Coffee Bean Capital, Costa Rica

Starbucks continues to expand in Central America, in keeping with its plans announced in August of 2010, with an announcement that it will open its first Costa Rican location. continue reading »

No Marijuana Beer for Costa Rica

The Alto Tribunal de Casación Administrativo of Costa Rica has spoken and the eco-friendly nation will be not be offering its citizens and millions of tourists marijuana –flavored beer. continue reading »

Nicaragua Files Suit Against Costa Rica at UN World Court over Border Violations

Nicaragua has filed suit against Costa Rica at the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ), citing violations to national sovereignty and major environmental damages to its territory due to the construction of a new road along the banks of the San Juan River. continue reading »

Costa Rican police seize ton of cocaine, arrest 3

Costa Rican authorities on Tuesday seized 1,203 kilograms (2,649 pounds) of cocaine and arrested three Colombian nationals who were transporting the drug, the Security Ministry announced. continue reading »

Costa Rican Nat’l Soccer Team on the Taxman’s Radar for Irregularities

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Finance raided the nation’s Soccer Federation looking for proof that the federation withheld information about revenue from friendly matches. continue reading »

UPDATE: Pocho the Pet Croc To be Embalmed And Put on Display in Costa Rica (VIDEO)

Pocho, the domesticated Costa Rican crocodile will be immortalized and put on display in a museum in the village that cried upon hearing of his demise and prayed him onto the great beyond. continue reading »

Famous Costa Rican Crocodile “Pocho” Dies (VIDEO)

TThe 50 year old "Poncho" the Crocodile was tame and performed tricks and stunts for passersby, directed by fisherman Gilberto Shedden until he passed away on Tuesday. Costa Rican fisherman Gilberto Shedden, known as “Chito” lost his best friend this week: a 980 pound crocodile, almost 16 feet long. continue reading »

UN Hears:Drug Trafficking Greatest Threat to Latin American Countries Today

Costa Rica and El Salvador, two countries highly affected by drug-related violence in recent years, have urged the United Nations to help fight drug cartels and organized crime, and called on Member States with high numbers of drug consumers to take the lead on the issue. continue reading »

ODD NEWS: River in Costa Rica Disappears Due to Earthquake

This week Costa Rica experienced several moderate earthquakes with thousands of after shocks, which is not usual for this Central American nation. What is usual is that Guacalito River located near Armenia de Upala simply disappeared and turned into a muddy mess. continue reading »

Costa Rican Feeds Wild Crocodile Out of His Hand (VIDEO)

Carlos feeds the wild crocodile a piece of chicken right out of his hand! continue reading »

Tragedy in Costa Rica:  American Teen Fatally Shot by Hotel Security Guard

A tragic accident has occurred this week in Costa Rica where a 16-year old Kansas teenager was fatally shot by the hotel security guard where his school group was staying. continue reading »

Elephant Beetle (It’s SCARY Big) from Costa Rica Comes to Visit U.S. Zoos

The San Antonio Zoo is welcoming a very BIG and scary bug from Costa Rica – the elephant beetle. You would think the fact this beetle noshes on rotting fruit and oozing tree sap would be enough to put this critter as a Yuk but it’s the size that is unsettling. continue reading »