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Tag Results for "Costa Rica News"

In Latin America News:  Costa Rica Constructing $96M Oil Terminal

In Latin America news, Costa Rica is beginning the construction of a new $96 million oil terminal to handle larger oil tankers at the port. continue reading »

Rocker Bono Vacationing in Costa Rica Amidst Rumors His Wife Was Injured in Accident

Costa Rica media is reporting Bono, humanitarian and lead singer of U-2, had been vacationing there for over a week when his wife, Alison suffered an accident. continue reading »

Chinese in Costa Rica Break Fried Rice Record

It may come as a surprise to those visiting Costa Rica that whether you are in a small town or large city, Chinese food is almost never too far away, thanks in large part to the Chinese living in the country. continue reading »

Birdwatchers Rejoice! Costa Rica Bird Lovers Release Field Guild App

First birding app for Costa Rica is a digital field guide replete with photos, sounds, text, and range maps. The Costa Rica Birds-Field Guide app became available in the iTunes Store on Ja continue reading »

Corporate Tax Day Approaches in Costa Rica and Only 9 out of 10 Businesses Have Paid

Last Friday was the dreaded date for annual corporate taxes in Costa Rica to be paid. And either many businesses in the country forgot or they do not intend on paying continue reading »

Costa Rican Authorities Investigating Death of Hundreds of Sea Turtles

A formal investigation was launched Tuesday to determine the cause of death of about 280 sea turtles in the Gulf of Dulce, on the southern Pacific coast, a situation that was denounced by environmentalists, the Costa Rican Environment Ministry said. continue reading »

Property Taxes on ‘Luxury’ Homes in Costa Rica Increase 10-Fold

The Ministry of Hacienda Tax in Costa Rica has readjusted the property values of ‘luxury’ homes therefore increasing real estate taxes ten-fold. continue reading »

Costa Rican Women Protest Want to be Able to Breastfeed in Public

About 100 women on the weekend nursed their babies in public in this capital to protest the decision by a Costa Rican shopping center to prohibit one of their number from doing so last week. continue reading »

Former Model’s Rear Disfigured by Costa Rican “Plastic Surgeon”

A former model is suing the Costa Rican doctor she says caused severe deformities to her butt. The doctor, who only had his last name released (Vargas Scott) reportedly performed an “ae continue reading »

Costa Rica to Boost Innovation with $35 Million Loan

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) announced the approval of a $35 million loan to Costa Rica for a program that will help boost productivity by supporting innovation and human capital formation in strategic sectors. continue reading »

Costa Rica to Improve Education Infrastructure with $167M Loan

Costa Rica will improve the physical conditions of educational infrastructure, the learning environment, and the efficiency in elmentary and secondary schools with a $167 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

EU, Latin America End 20 Year “Banana War”

Officials from the European Union and 11 Latin American nations gathered here Thursday at the headquarters of the World Trade Organization to sign a pact ending a two-decade-long dispute over banana tariffs. continue reading »

Costa Rica Starts Crack Down on Undocumented Workers, Large Fines for Employers

Starting this week Costa Rica will implement new regulations that will heavily fine employers that hire undocumented workers. The initiative is meant to discourage the hiring of the estimated 60,000 foreigners living in the country and work undocumented. continue reading »

Costa Rica Estimates 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Left $45 M in Damage

The magnitude-7.6 earthquake that rocked Costa Rica on Sept. 5 caused damage estimated at $45 million, President Laura Chinchilla said Tuesday. She told a press confer continue reading »

Costa Ricans Targeted by Thieves with False Reports of More Earthquakes and Tsunami

As Costa Rica recovers from a 7.9 earthquake that occurred on September 5, 2012 and numerous aftershocks, people are also having to contend with heartless thieves preying on their fear. continue reading »

7.9 Earthquake Strikes Costa Rica, Tsunami Warning for Most of the Americas

A 7.9 earthquake has rattled Costa Rica, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), this morning with the epicenter occurring some 5 miles from the Costa Rican coast line and some 95 miles west of the capital city of San Jose. continue reading »

U.S. ‘Poker Refugees’ Hiding Out in Costa Rica

Since April 15, 2011, more American men in their 20s have been flocking to Costa Rica. They did not go there on vacation, but are doing something now nearly forbidden in the U.S. continue reading »

1.2 Tons of Ingredients Used to Cook Up Biggest Chop Suey in Costa Rica

A team of 23 cooks in Costa Rica prepared what they described as the "biggest chop suey in the Americas," aiming to feed some 10,000 people, organizers said. continue reading »

More Mysterious Stone Spheres Discovered in Costa Rica

More ‘Los Bolas’ as they are known in Costa Rica have been discovered during construction excavation on a banana plantation. These stone spheres are just the latest discovery, there are over three hundred of these spheres in Costa Rica. The balls, which are perfectly formed, range in size from a few inches in diameter to over six feet in diameter. The ones found recently, in the province of Puntarenas in the Osa fifth canton, will be protected and shipped to the National Museum located in San Jose. There will they will be analyzed and aged. Inside Costa Rica is reporting that pre-Columbian pottery and tools were also discovered at the same location where the spheres were found. The petrospheres have been attributed to a Pre-Columbian indigenous culture of Costa Rica that existed between 700 CE and 1530 CE. continue reading »

Japan Donates $9 Million to Costa Rica to Help Preserve their National Parks

The Costa Rican government has announced that Japan has donated $9 million to help preserve the countries national parks and wild-life areas. continue reading »