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Tag Results for "Corruption"

Brazilian Ex-Senator to Repay $234 M in Stolen Public Funds

Luiz Estevao, booted from Brazil's Senate 12 years ago for corruption, has pledged to return 468 million reais ($234 million) he diverted from the public coffers, authorities said Thursday. continue reading »

Former Top Cuban Officials Sentenced to Jail for Corruption

Three former deputy industry ministers were among 13 people sentenced to prison for "offenses associated with corruption," Cuban Communist Party daily Granma said Tuesday. continue reading »

Cuban Dissident’s Widow Seeks Answers, Rejects Government Statement

The widow of prominent Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya said she does not accept the official government statement on the cause of the car crash that killed her husband and is demanding to meet with the two survivors of the accident. continue reading »

Mexican Left Calls For Peaceful Mobilization to Annul Presidential Election

Leaders of the Mexican left called Friday for a peaceful popular mobilization to annul the July 1 presidential election amid allegations of vote-buying and other machinations by the victorious Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI. continue reading »

Mexican Left Claim PRI Financed Campaign with Dirty Money

The leftist candidate in Mexico's July 1 presidential election said Wednesday that the campaign of the ostensible winner was financed in part with dirty money. continue reading »

Survey Shows 71 Percent of Mexicans Do Not Trust Local Police

Seventy-one percent of Mexicans do not trust their local police, which gives Mexico the worst showing of any nation among the five Latin American countries where the international GfK company conducts quarterly surveys. continue reading »

Mexican Left Claim PRI Set Up Vote-Buying Scheme

Mexico's political left said several state governors, mostly members of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, were behind a massive vote-buying scheme in last Sunday's general election. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Latin America’s Struggle With Peace

With daily reports of homicides, violent crimes, and corruption occurring in Latin America it is obvious that Latin America is struggling with peace. Check out Hispanically Speaking News's Infographic to see the global rankings and scores of Latin American countries in terms of peace. continue reading »

Controversial Bills that Sparked Protests in Panama Are Withdrawn

President Ricardo Martinelli announced Tuesday that he is withdrawing two controversial bills that spurred disturbances in Panama's National Assembly and protests on the streets. continue reading »

Former Mexican Governor Apprehended on Corruption Charges

The former governor of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur was arrested here on corruption charges, officials told Efe. continue reading »

Chilean Voting Rolls Still Contain 1,000 Who “Disappeared” During The Pinochet Era

One thousand people who disappeared in custody during the 1973-1990 Augusto Pinochet dictatorship remain on Chile's voting rolls, the head of the electoral authority said Tuesday. continue reading »

18 People Indicted Including Chilean Mayor, 6 City Council and Charged with Corruption

The mayor of the northern Chilean city of Arica, six councilors and local business leaders were among 18 people indicted Thursday for conspiracy to embezzle public money. Judge Sara Pizarro ordered 16 of the 18 defendants, including Mayor Waldo Sankan, held pending trial. continue reading »

Arrests Made in Guatemalan President’s Family Corruption Scandal

Arrest warrants have been issued for President Alvaro Colom's former sister-in-law and her two daughters for alleged corruption that predates the current administration, a Guatemalan prosecutor said Wednesday. continue reading »

Dilma Rousseff’s Government Looses Fourth Minister in 72 Days

Agriculture Minister Wagner Rossi quit amid a corruption scandal, same as Transportation and Justice ministers, earlier in the Summer, and Brazil’s chief of staff in June. continue reading »

Meet Rubén Vives, The Pultizer Prize Winner, Who Narrowly Missed Deportation

Growing up, Rubén Vives never knew that at any moment, he could have be deported. Today, the 31-year-old is a Pulitzer winner reporter for the Los Angeles Times. continue reading »