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Tag Results for "Continuing Education"

Challenging Yourself and Setting Personal Goals

For most of us getting through the day and the week, with all the responsibilities and routine ups and downs, is challenging enough. We get caught up in the activities of daily life and keeping up with the demands of our family and friends. But when we are focused only on the present we miss opportunities to plan for the future, and because of that we will remain in that same present space. continue reading »

How We Learn

When I was almost 50 years old I learned to ride a horse. I was never particularly athletic; I grew up when girls really didn’t sweat. But my oldest daughter wanted to ride and so she convinced her father to give me riding lessons for Mother’s Day thinking if I rode she might be able to ride. And of course she was right. She became an excellent rider and I can, well let’s say I can ride a gentle well trained horse. continue reading »