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Tag Results for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

Immigration Returns to State Lawmakers Agenda

Immigration climbed back onto state legislative agendas this year, following a year in which it attracted relatively little attention from lawmakers, according to a new report. continue reading »

California to Provide Drivers Licenses to Undocumented, Bill Awaits Gov Signature

California legislators have approved a measure that will grant special driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. The measure that passed on Thursday night now needs the signature of Governor Jerry Brown, he is expected to sign. continue reading »

U.S. and Mexico Border Bishops Urge Lawmakers to Pass Immigration Reform

The Catholic bishops of U.S. and Mexico border dioceses have just concluded their bi-annual meeting and issued a statement of concern around the issue of deportation and how its affects families. continue reading »

REPORT:  Immigration Detention Program Strains Local Budgets

A new study shows the Federal “Secure Communities Program,” which aims to extend prison stays and the deportation of people perceived as threats, is straining local budgets costing taxpayers about $12.5 million a year. continue reading »

Opposition to Oregon Immigrant Driver’s License Law is Getting Creative

Faced with collecting 58,000 signatures by Oct. 4, opponents of a new Oregon law that gives driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants and others who cannot prove they are living here legally are sharpening their tactics. continue reading »

NELSON BALIDO: Technology Offers Better Security than More Border Fencing

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s announcement that she will be leaving her cabinet post to head up the University of California system injects even more uncertainty into the fate of the on-again, off-again development of a so-called virtual fence along the U.S. border with Mexico. continue reading »

DREAM 9 Immigrant Youth Released from Immigration Detention as They Await Political Asylum

The young immigration activists known as the DREAM 9 were released from Arizona's Eloy Detention Center pending consideration of their requests for political asylum. continue reading »

Senate Democrats to Hold Immigration Forum in Rep. Steve King’s District

Senators Tom Harkin and Dick Durbin, both Democrats, will hold an immigration forum Friday to discuss the DREAM Act with Iowans. continue reading »

First Lady to NCLR: Pres. Obama Will Fight for Immigration Reform

President Barack Obama will continue fighting for comprehensive immigration reform, the first lady said here Tuesday in a speech to one of the country's largest Hispanic organizations. continue reading »

Court Continues to Block Portions of South Carolina’s Harsh immigration Law

Portions of South Carolina's harsh SB 20 immigration law will remain blocked thanks to a ruling handed down Tuesday by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. continue reading »

DREAMer Activitists Arrested at Border When Trying to Re-Enter U.S. from Mexico

Nine DREAMers were arrested at the border crossing point here on Monday when they tried to reenter the United States from Mexico to test the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. continue reading »

Mexican Cyclist Biking from NYC to Saltillo Advocating for Immigration Reform

Armando Mendou Rosales is no ordinary long-distance cyclist, he is a man on a bike with a mission bringing attention to the issues of immigration reform and the importance of the Latino vote. continue reading »

Illinois Governor Quinn Joins 14 Other Governors Urging Congress to Pass Immigration Reform

14 U.S. Governors includes Illinois Governor Pat Quinn drafted a letter urging Congress to pass “commonsense” immigration reform. continue reading »

STUDY:  Immigration Reform Could Bring States $2 Billion a Year

States and localities could collect an extra $2 billion a year in taxes from immigrants—on top of $10.6 billion they get already—if Congress overhauls the country’s immigration laws, according to a new report. continue reading »

This Week in GOP Latino Outreach: Steve King’s Caucus takes Center Stage

We’re back from a long weekend, and the fight for immigration reform has pivoted. Following the passage of bipartisan immigration legislation in the Senate by a 68-32 vote, all attention is on the House and Speaker John Boehner. continue reading »

Former President George W. Bush Touting the Benefits of Immigration Reform

Former President George W. Bush is making his own push in support of comprehensive immigration reform saying the system is broken and it must be fixed while making sure people are treated with respect. continue reading »

Hike in Consulates’ Resources Requested to Prep for Immigration Reform

Mexican and Central American consulates in the United States are registering an increase in requests for official documents and, according to the Central American Resource Center, they must increase their available resources to be prepared if immigration reform is passed. continue reading »

NELSON BALIDO: Immigration Bill Offers Good, Bad and the Ugly

The United States Senate is suddenly relevant again after a bipartisan effort delivered a comprehensive immigration bill that deals with visa reform, border security and that creates a pathway to citizenship for the millions in this country not here legally. continue reading »

“Border Surge” Amendment Approved in 69-29 Vote in Senate

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday, by an overwhelming majority, approved an amendment to increase vigilance along the border with Mexico, a decisive step toward a final vote on immigration reform. continue reading »

POLL:  Americans Have Mixed Feelings on Proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation

A new poll by USA Today/Pew Research shows Americans are conflicted about the proposed comprehensive immigration reform legislation that is being voted on by the Senate today. continue reading »