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Tag Results for "Colombian News"

Colombia to Spend $200 Million to Expand Its Internet Access

The Latin American country of Colombia is looking to spend upward of $200 million on expanding the country‚Äôs internet access by laying fiber-optic networks in 700 towns. continue reading »

Colombia to Strengthen Its Attorney General Office and Judicial Transparency

The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $10 million loan to Colombia to improve public management transparency and increase regulatory compliance. continue reading »

6 Killed in Colombia Helicopter Heist for Cash (VIDEO)

Six people were killed in Colombia after hostile armed forces attacked a helicopter carrying money to a local bank. continue reading »

11 year old gets caught trying to smuggle 74 mobile phones and gun into Colombian Prison

An 11-year-old girl was caught trying to smuggle some mobile phones and a gun into the Bellavista prison in Medellin Colombia. continue reading »

Naughty Narco Novias: A Must-Have for Mexican Drug Lords

Cocaine might not be the only Andean import that interests Mexican drug lords these days. As cartel leaders get caught, so do their girlfriends, and most of them were "imported" from South American nations with jewelry, posh life and massive wads of cash. continue reading »

NarcoPigeon Arrested for Drug Trafficking to Colombian Jailbirds (VIDEO)

Police in the city of Bucaramanga who found the bird, said it was unable to fly over the prison wall, weighed down by a precarious ballast consisting of 45 grams of marijuana and some crack cocaine. continue reading »

Shakira and Boyfriend of 11 Years Antonio de la Rua Break Up

Spanish newspaper El Pais broke the news just a few hours before the Colombian singer published the following statement on her twitter page: continue reading »

What To do in Latin America When a Kid Steals Your Spot Light? Give Him $$, Grab his Crotch? (VID)

A video of Colombian Vallenato singer Silvestre Dangond giving a wad of cash to a kid, before grabbing his crotch on stage has become the latest internet sensation as a sure lesson on how to get rid of a cute kid who steals the spot light from you. continue reading »

John McCain Begins Latin American Tour This Sunday In Colombia. Will Talk FTA and Winter Disasters

Starting Sunday, senator McCain will visit the Latin American nation to witness first hand the consequences of the winter in the northern regions of Colombia, and to push for the approval of the Free Trade Agreement. continue reading »