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Tag Results for "Colombian News"

Massive Colombian Pothole Eats Car (VIDEO)

A giant hole opened in the middle of a Downtown Bogotá street and swallowed a family car. Four people were pulled out of the wreck unharmed. continue reading »

Colombian Guerillas Use Dead Body Laced with Explosives to Deter Local Police

Four police officers were slightly wounded on Wednesday when they approached a dead body that FARC rebels left surrounded with explosives on the outskirts of Florencia, a city in the southwestern Colombian province of Caqueta, officials said. continue reading »

Colombian Military Hostages Held 14 Years Executed When Army Attempts to Rescue Them, One Survives

Colombia’s defense ministry has announced that a rescue mission carried out in the jungle has resulted in four hostages being killed by their FARC captors. continue reading »

Colombia arrests 14 drug suspects wanted by U.S.

Colombian police announced Monday the capture of 14 suspected drug traffickers wanted for extradition to the United States continue reading »

FARC Accused of Killing Columbian Indigenous Tribe Leaders

Leftist FARC guerrillas are responsible for the deaths of two Indian leaders in the northwestern province of Antioquia, the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, or ONIC, said Thursday. continue reading »

Bus Carrying 17 Caught in Colombian Mudslide, Slides into Ditch

A mudslide dragged a bus 80 meters (260 feet) down a highway in central Colombia and dumped it in a ditch, but the 17 people aboard survived the accident, police said. continue reading »

Rain-Fueled Landslide Kills at Least 21 People, Traps Dozens in Colombia

Colombian authorities and the Red Cross are reporting that at least 21 people are dead and dozens of others trapped in the northwestern city of Manizales from a landslide over the weekend. continue reading »

Obama Signs US/Colombia Trade Agreement- 7 Years in the Making

President Obama signed a US/Colombia trade agreement on Friday after seven years of legislative effort. US Ambassador Michael McKinley said that although Obama would sign the bill “there are issues like the protection of intellectual property, customs, arbitration” that could delay the trade pact between seven and 18 months to take effect. continue reading »

2,000+ Sharks Massacred by Costa Rican Boats in Colombian Sanctuary

Russian divers visiting Malpelo, a Colombian ocean sanctuary reported the disaster to authorities. Russian divers on a visit to the Colombian marine sanctuary of Malpelo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, continue reading »

Former Colombian Maritime Instructor Sentenced for Transporting Cocaine

A former Colombian maritime training instructor and a co-conspirator were sentenced to federal prison for conspiring to transport thousands of kilograms of cocaine continue reading »

Colombia To Bring Down Housing Shortage in Low-Income Sectors

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will contribute to reduce the housing shortage in the most backward sectors of Colombia through a credit guarantee of 9.5 billion Colombian pesos (some US$5.38 million) granted to Credifamilia Compañía de Financiamiento S.A., which specializes in mortgage loans for social housing. continue reading »

Six Priests Murdered in Colombia in 2011 thus Far

The Bishops of Colombia have expressed their deep sorrow and concern over the murder of don Gualberto Oviedo Arrieta, priest of Our Lady of Carmen in Capurganá (10 kilometers from the border with Panama, about 280 km from the capital Bogota), in the diocese of Apartadó, which took place at dawn yesterday, September 12. continue reading »

Colombia Set to Cut Its Carbon Emissions

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will support a $10.5 million project to set up a system of Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs) in Colombia, with the aim of cutting over half a million tons of carbon emissions over four years through a voluntary trading system, among other measures. continue reading »

Campaign to Protect 35 Colombian Tribes is Launched

The UN has launched a campaign to protect 35 indigenous tribes from extinction in Colombia. Survival International works closely with one of tribes, the Nukak, nomadic hunter-gatherers living in the northwest Amazon basin. continue reading »

Colombian Indigenous Groups Selling Crafts Thanks to Unique UN Program

Sixty indigenous families in Colombia are selling handicrafts in the capital, Bogotá, to cater to an influx of fans attending the ongoing youth soccer World Cup tournament as part of a United Nations-backed initiative to alleviate poverty. continue reading »

UNESCO Names Colombia’s Coffee Triangle as World Heritage Site

Colombia’s beautiful Coffee Region, or properly deemed the Café Triangle, was initially nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage site in January 2010. Colombia is excited to announce that on June 25th, 2011, the region was officially inaugurated into UNESCO’s prestigious list of World Heritage sites. continue reading »

ANOTHER Narco-Pigeon Found! (VIDEO)

This time, the messenger bird was found unable to take flight, anchored by a cell-phone, and some crack…! continue reading »

Colombia Promotes First Geothermal Energy Project

Colombia will promote investment in non-conventional renewable energy sources and lay the groundwork for its first geothermal project with a $2.7 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) administered by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Man Hides Mom’s Corpse in Oil Drum, Then Hides Drum in Hot Dog Cart

Authorities haven’t been able to charge the man, as they haven’t been able to pull the body from the oil drum, sealed with concrete. continue reading »

Mother’s Day Flowers Threatened by Record Rains in Colombia

Some of the most intense rains in Colombia’s history have left three million people affected, and now threatens to water down everyone's Mother's Day and the flowers you were going to give mama. continue reading »