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Tag Results for "Colombia"

The Banana Massacre Occurred in Colombia in 1928

Today in Latin American history, the government of Colombia sent military forces to suppress a month-long strike by United Fruit Company workers, resulting in an unknown number of deaths in 1928. continue reading »

Use of Wild, Exotic Animals in Circuses Banned in Colombia

Elephants, lions, bears, tigers, monkeys and other wild animals will no longer be permitted in circuses in Colombia under a bill approved by Congress. continue reading »

Colombian Govt and FARC Reach Agreement on First Stage of Peace Talks

The Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas announced here Sunday that they have reached an agreement on the issue of land, the first point on the agenda created for the peace talks they are pursuing in the Cuban capital. continue reading »

Pope Francis Receives Colombian President – Urges Peace with FARC Guerillas

This morning, Pope Francis I received President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia and urged for peace between the government and FARC guerillas. continue reading »

Colombian Teen Hit-Man Confesses to more Than 30 Assassinations

In Latin America news, a now 19-year-old teen gun for hire has confessed to over 30 murders when he was between the ages of 11-16. Andres Leonardo Achipiz blames his family's poverty and fathers abuse as to what lead him to a life of crime. continue reading »

80 Percent of Colombian Households have Cable TV

Colombia has the highest pay television penetration rate in Latin America, with eight of every 10 households subscribing to cable service due to the variety of offerings and prices available in the market, the Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council, or LAMAC, said in a report. continue reading »

Chile, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Colombia Have Best Climate for Private-Public Partnerships

Chile, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Colombia are the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean most able to carry out sustainable public-private partnerships (PPPs) to develop infrastructure and increase access to basic services, according to the continue reading »

Colombia Prepares to Launch $2.25 Billion Road-concession Process

Colombia's National Infrastructure Agency, or ANI, said it will launch a road-concession process next week aimed at awarding an estimated 4 trillion pesos ($2.25 billion) worth of contracts for the construction of 550 kilometers (340 miles) of roads. continue reading »

Colombian General Sentenced to 13 Years in U.S.

A retired Colombian police general was sentenced Friday in U.S. federal court to 13 years in prison for colluding with his country's AUC federation of right-wing militias, which is on Washington's list of international terrorist groups. continue reading »

Fireworks-filled Suitcase Explodes on Colombian Bus, Injuring 13

At least 13 people were injured in the southwestern Colombian province of Valle del Cauca when a fireworks-filled suitcase exploded on a bus which then caught fire, government officials said. continue reading »

Colombia, Nicaragua to Discuss Maritime Border Dispute

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said here Friday he hopes to speak in the most respectful, civilized way with Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega about a world court ruling that awarded Managua waters long claimed by Bogota. continue reading »

3 Colombian Cops Suspended After Journalist Dies from Police Beating

Three Colombian police officers were suspended Friday in connection with the death of journalist who said he was beaten in custody. continue reading »

Colombian President Santos Enters Hospital For Cancer Surgery

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos checked into a Bogota university hospital Wednesday morning to undergo surgery for prostate cancer. continue reading »

No Need to Replace Ailing Colombian V.P., Says President Santos

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday hailed the lucidity of Vice President Angelino Garzon, who is recovering from a stroke, and rejected calls for his No. 2 to resign. continue reading »

Colombian Runner Unable to Compete at Olympics Due to Injury

An injury forced runner Maria Alejandra Idrobo to drop out of the Colombian squad taking part in the London Olympics, the vice president of the Andean nation's Olympic committee said Tuesday. continue reading »

6-year-old Girl Miraculously Survives 18-story Fall

A 6-year-old Colombian girl survived a fall from the 18th floor of a building in the northwestern Colombian city of Medellin, doctors who treated her said, adding that the child is in "grave" but "stable" condition. continue reading »

Obstacles Will Not Stop U.S.-Colombian Gymnast From Competing in the Olympics

Gymnast Jessica Gil had to overcome some serious obstacles to qualify for the Olympic Games in London. Gil, who has dual U.S.-Colombian citizenship, is a member of Colombia's Olympic squad. continue reading »

Colombian V.P. in Medically Induced Coma to Prevent Brain Damage

The medical staff treating Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon for the stroke he suffered earlier this week is keeping him in an induced coma to avert brain damage, the Reina Sofia Clinic said. continue reading »

Colombian Will Receive $120 Billion Over Next 10 years From Oil Industry

The oil industry will invest up to $120 billion in Colombia over the next 10 years even though a crude output target of 1 million barrels per day has not been achieved due to persistent security challenges, the president of the Colombian Oil Association, or ACP, said. continue reading »

Bogota Mayor Has Successful Brain Operation for Blood Clots

Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro was operated successfully for blood clots on the brain and remains "under strict medical observation," according to the first medical report from the clinic where he was admitted on Friday. continue reading »