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Tag Results for "Colombia News"

Undercover DEA Agent’s Book Chronicling his Time With Pablo Escobar to be Made Into Movie

Robert Mazur, Former DEA Undercover Agent and Author of 'The Infiltrator: My Secret Life Inside the Dirty Banks Behind Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel' After five years deeply undercover within Pablo Escobar's network, Robert Mazur wrote a book about his life that has now been picked up by Hollywood for a new movie. continue reading »

Bogota Prepares for Alejandro Sanz Concert on April 23

Singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz takes his Latin American tour "La Musica No Se Toca" (Dont' Touch the Music) to Bogota on April 23, the company organizing the concert, Evenpro, said Friday. continue reading »

Canadian Engineer Remains Captive by Colombian Guerillas

The smaller of Colombia's two main guerrilla groups said Monday that a Canadian mining engineer abducted last month will remain a captive. continue reading »

ELN Rebel Group Release Kidnapped Mine Workers in Colombia

Five foreign workers kidnapped last month from a mining project in northern Colombia were released Friday by the smaller of the Andean nation's two main guerrilla groups, the International Committee of the Red Cross said. continue reading »

Latin America News: Colombian FARC Guerillas Release Kidnapped Police

Colombia's FARC rebels on Friday released two police officers taken prisoner last month, the International Committee of the Red Cross said. continue reading »

Latin America News: 7 Colombian Soldiers Killed in Clashes with FARC Guerillas

Seven Colombian soldiers were killed and five more wounded in clashes with leftist rebels in the southern province of Caqueta, the military said continue reading »

Colombian Military Kill 3 FARC Guerillas, Capture Four Others in Gun Battle

Colombian troops killed three FARC rebels and captured four others during operations in the province of Caqueta, the army said, while Bogota daily El Tiempo reported that a guerrilla attack in Guaviare province left two dead and 25 injured. continue reading »

6.9 Quake in Southern Colombia Injures 8, Damages 143 Homes

A total of eight people were injured and 143 homes were damaged by a magnitude-6.9 earthquake that rocked southwest Colombia, according to the latest report by the National Risk Assessment Unit, or UNGRD, on its Twitter account. continue reading »

Colombian Army Investigates Car Bombs that Killed 2, Wounded 2

Colombia's army said two car bombs - not one, as was initially reported - were used in attacks in the conflict-ridden province of Cauca that left two dead and two others wounded. continue reading »

Latin America News:  Two Killed in Car Bombing in Colombia

At least two people died and three others were wounded Tuesday when a car bomb exploded in a rural part of the strife-torn Colombian province of Cauca, authorities told Efe. continue reading »

FARC Says Willing to Free 3 Colombian Security Force Members

Colombia's FARC guerrilla group said Saturday they are willing to free two police captured on Jan. 25 and a soldier grabbed this week in the Andean nation's southwest. continue reading »

FARC Release 3 Kidnapped Engineers in Colombia

Colombia's FARC rebels have freed the three petroleum engineers they had kidnapped in the country's southwest, a police spokesman told Efe Thursday. continue reading »

Medellin Up Against New York, Tel Aviv for City of the Year Award

The Colombian city of Medellin is competing against New York and Tel Aviv for the title of world's most innovative, a candidacy based on a public-transport system that aims to bolster social cohesion and chip away at longstanding problems of socioeconomic inequality, violence and drug trafficking. continue reading »

Designers Display Creations Integrating New Technology at Fashion Fair in Colombia

Designers are reinventing sportswear with new synthetic fibers that combine design and technology, and are on display at the Colombiatex 2013 fair in Medellin, Colombia. continue reading »

Colombian Police Confiscate Cocaine Worth $1 Billion

Drug enforcement agents seized 3,826 kilos of cocaine suspected of belonging to Colombia's Los Urabeños gang and bound for the Mexican Gulf port of Veracruz, where the drugs would be received by the Los Zetas cartel, National Police director Gen. Jose Roberto Leon Riaño said. continue reading »

Colombian Authorities Arrest Kidnappers of Mining Employees

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said authorities have three people in custody in connection with last week's kidnapping of five mining company employees in the northern province of Bolivar. continue reading »

Colombian Children Continue to Die and Be Severely Injured by Landmines

In 2012, 13 children died in Colombia and 52 others were injured as a result of landmines. continue reading »

Latin America News:  Colombian FARC Guerillas Explore Bilateral Cease-Fire Option

The FARC rebels on Sunday asked the Colombian government to study the possibility of a bilateral cease-fire upon the ending of the unilateral truce that the guerrillas declared two months ago. continue reading »

Spanish University Brings Sustainable Energy to Colombian Town

Northwestern Spain's University of Santiago de Compostela is leading a project to create "sustainable energy communities" in Colombia, providing free electricity to residents of La Primavera, a town in the so-called "FARC zone," officials said. continue reading »

Panama, Honduras Arrest Colombian Drug Kingpins

Two drug kingpins operating from the Colombian island of San Andres were captured in Honduras and Panama, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Saturday. continue reading »