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Tag Results for "Colombia News"

Colombia Funds Early Childhood Services for Low-Income Households in Country

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the IDB Group, is partnering with Fundación Carulla in Colombia to create a franchise of high-quality early childhood services for low-income households in the country. continue reading »

Man Hides Mom’s Corpse in Oil Drum, Then Hides Drum in Hot Dog Cart

Authorities haven’t been able to charge the man, as they haven’t been able to pull the body from the oil drum, sealed with concrete. continue reading »

Colombia Commended for New Legislation Compensating Victims of Human Rights Abuses

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has commended Colombia for enacting a law that seeks to compensate victims of human rights violations, injustice and deprivation in the South American country, saying the legislation is a fundamental step towards resolving the conflicts that Colombians have endured for decades. continue reading »

Peru, Colombia, and Chile Merge Stock Markets

Peru, Colombia, and Chile will formally merge their stock markets Today. This action will create the second-largest bourse in Latin America after Brazil and promising to increase liquidity in the mineral-rich Andean region. continue reading »

Miley Cyrus in Bogota Colombia (VIDEO)

On Thursday Miley Cyrus made a brief stop in Colombia for a concert. Miley found the time to visit a school and make the day for many of her young fans. continue reading »

Local Farms Under Seige in Colombia, Pope John’s “Operative Dove” Comes to the Rescue

Paramilitary groups are threatening the local farmers living in the district of Cordoba, in the north of Colombia, so that they abandon the area around the artificial lake created by the Urra dam as soon as possible, leaving free hand to build a second dam, mining concessions and drug dealing, this according to religious organizations. continue reading »

New Economic Alliance between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru Forms the ‘Pacific Alliance’

In an effort to enhance their respective development and economies, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru signed the ‘Pacific Alliance.’ The commonality here being that all these countries have a Pacific Ocean coastline and their cumulative exports represent the majority of exports to Asia. continue reading »

Catholic Church in Colombia Continues to Garner Support for Right to Life Legislation

The Catholic Church has extended until the first week of June, the deadline for collecting signatures throughout Colombia, in support of the request of some senators who wish to present continue reading »

Violent Struggle Over Illegal Mining in Colombia Forces Hundreds to Flee

At least 800 ethnic Afro-Colombians have had to flee their homes in western Colombia since the start of the month because of a struggle between armed groups continue reading »

JUST IN: Fire in Neonatal Ward in Colombian Hospital (VIDEO)

A fire broke out in the neonatal ward in a hospital in Santa Marta, Colombia. There were no victims, but the rescue efforts were heoric and heart stopping. Police are still investigating the cause of the blaze. continue reading »

PETA Says No Free Puppy Promo to Cell Phone Carrier in Colombia

"Comcel," the Colombian branch of Carlos Slim's "America Movil" Wireless carrier has cancelled plans to give out 200 pure bred puppies in a cell phone promotion, due to heavy pressure by the People for the Ethical Treatment of animals. continue reading »

Dead Fish now Plague Colombian Coasts

Beaches in the Northwestern regions of Colombia, are the latest to be hit with the grim spectacle of thousands of dead fish, a bizarre occurrence plaguing Brazil, New Zealand and at least three U.S. states. continue reading »