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Tag Results for "Colombia News"

Indian Leader Murdered While Waiting for Bus in Colombia

The mayor of an Indian reserve in the conflicted southwestern Colombian province of Cauca was gunned down while waiting for a bus to take him to a meeting with his community, government officials said. continue reading »

$30 Million Worth of Cocaine Seized by Colombian Navy

Colombian naval units found more than a ton of cocaine on a high-speed boat traveling in Caribbean waters near San Andres Island, the military said Tuesday. continue reading »

Ceasefire Will Not Hinder Peace Talks, Says Colombian Rebels

A spokesman for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, guerrilla group told a Bogota daily that upcoming peace talks with the government will not break down if its request for an immediate truce is not granted. continue reading »

Colombian Police Shut Down Illegal Gold Mine

An illegal gold mine operating in a rural area in Huila, a province in southern Colombia, has been shut down, police said. A mobile unit of the Huila police force seized a pump and pans used by gold miners. continue reading »

Colombia Captures 18 Gang Members With Links to 17 Murders

Colombian authorities arrested 18 suspected members of the Los Urabeños criminal gang who are accused in connection with 17 murders, tracking them down in three separate parts of the country, the National Police said Saturday. continue reading »

Colombian Economy Surpasses Argentina as No. 2 Economy in South America

Colombia has moved ahead of Argentina to become South America's second-largest economy, the outgoing Colombian finance minister said Friday. continue reading »

Colombian Teens Kidnapped in March Found Dead

Two teenagers kidnapped in March were found dead in a rural area of the southwestern Colombian province of Nariño, police said Thursday. The bodies were discovered outside the town of Mallama, the p continue reading »

Retired Colombian General Sentenced For Killing Peasant Leader in 1997

Retired Colombian Gen. Rito Alejo del Rio was convicted Friday and sentenced to nearly 26 years in prison for the 1997 murder of a peasant leader in a joint army-paramilitary operation. continue reading »

Man Attempted to Board Plane With a Grenade in his Bag in Colombia

A man was arrested when a grenade was found in his carry-on luggage as he tried to board a commercial flight in the southwestern Colombian city of Guapi, authorities said. continue reading »

Colombia Invests in Radar Systems to Combat Drug, Arms Traffickers

Colombia has purchased 11 radar systems that will be used to improve coastal defense and prevent the smuggling of arms, drugs and other contraband into the country, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon said. continue reading »

Colombian Salsa Marathon Opens With Eddie Palmieri, El Gran Combo

Pianist and composer Eddie Palmieri and the legendary El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico opened the Salsa in the Park Festival in Bogota, a three-day marathon of music and dance in public spaces around the Colombian capital. continue reading »

GM Walks Out of Talks with Colombian Hunger Strikers

Four months after President Barack Obama announced “mission accomplished” on the U.S.-Colombia Labor Action Plan that facilitated the implementation of the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement continue reading »

Report: US Service Members Brought Prostitutes, Dogs into Colombian Hotel Rooms

Details from the investigation by the commander of U.S. Southern Command, Air Force General Douglas Fraser, involving the inappropriate actions of U.S. service members in Cartagena, Colombia in April, have been released. continue reading »

OLYMPICS 2012:  Colombia’s Caterine Ibarguen Takes Silver in Triple Jump

Colombia's Caterine Ibarguen took the silver medal in the women's triple jump at the Olympic Games here. continue reading »

No Jail Time for ‘Personal’ Possession of Marijuana and Cocaine in Colombia

Colombia’s Constitutional Court has just agreed with the country’s Supreme Court – no jail time for ‘personal doses’ of marijuana and cocaine. Therefore any Colombian caught with 20 grams or less of pot or cocaine will not be detained or prosecuted. continue reading »

Colombian FARC Rebels Using Teens to Detonate their Bombs

Colombia's National Police released videos purporting to show leftist FARC rebels using teenagers to detonate bombs. continue reading »

Major Colombian Narco Arrested on Suspicion of Committing 11 or More Murders

A regional boss of the Los Rastrojos drug gang was arrested in connection with the murders of 11 people in Colombia, the National Police said. continue reading »

Violence Takes the Life of Former Pro-Soccer Player in Colombia

A former soccer player for Barranquilla's Atletico Junior was gunned down and the case is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police of that Colombian city on the Caribbean, officials said. continue reading »

Rep. King: Meeting Colombian Prostitute at Center of Secret Service Scandal “Simply Not Necessary”

New York Congressman and Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security Peter King has released a statement saying he will not be meeting with the Colombian prostitute involved in the Secret Service's scandal, de continue reading »

Colombia Helps Americans Celebrate Mother’s Day by Exporting Millions of Roses

It’s Mothers Day and in certain parts of the U.S. it’s still to chilly to cut your own roses for your mom. So where do the endless Mothers Day rose bouquets come from? continue reading »