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Tag Results for "Colbert Report"

Forget Drugs! The Most Dangerous Illegal Substance Coming Across the Border is Bologna! (VIDEO)

According to a “Colbert Report Special Report,” drugs are not the greatest danger crossing the border. Smuggled Bologna is! continue reading »

WATCH Stephen Colbert Take on the Dictionary Revision of the Term “Anchor Baby” (VIDEO)

The American Heritage Dictionary’s revision of its definition for the term “Anchor Baby” didn't sit to well with Stephen Colbert... Watch his comments inside continue reading »

WATCH Stephen Colbert Take on Herman Cain’s Picturesque Quips (VIDEO)

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert poked some fun at Republican Candidate Herman Cain’s “joke” about putting an electrified fence on the border. continue reading »

Jose Antonio Vargas On ‘THE COLBERT REPORT’ (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Jose sat down with Stephen Colbert to discuss why he prefers the term "undocumented" to "illegal," and his pledge for a new national conversation on immigration."I don't want a 12-year-old sitting in a middle school somewhere in America thinking that he or she is illegal.""Even your president George W. Bush, he knew that the immigration system was broken in 2006 when he gave a speech on this. People like him have said that the system is broken." continue reading »

4th of July Under Attack- Fireworks Cancelled- The Colbert Report Messes with Texas (VIDEO)

In an attack against the shabby, cash only roadside shacks that make America great, Texas cancels Fourth of July Fireworks!! See Very Funny Colbert Report. continue reading »