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Tag Results for "Coffee"

Celebrate National Coffee Day with Colombia, Just Recognized as One of the Best Coffee Providers

The Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA’s) said the best coffee in the world comes from Aguadas, Colombia. The coffee beans that were just awarded the prestigious “Rainforest Alliance” seal in Houston, Texas, grow in a Colombian town by the name of Aguadas, buried in the Andean northern coffee zone in Colombia. continue reading »

Juan Valdez Café Reaches One Million Facebook Friends!

The iconic Colombian coffee brand with the man in the hat and the burro, has become the top Colombian brand on Facebook with over one million "friends" continue reading »

Coffee: A Healthy Perk or a Risky Indulgence

More than half the U.S. population drinks coffee every day, and another 25 percent drinks it occasionally. Some of us can’t leave the house without our daily cup of joe. But is coffee good for you? If you gulp down a daily dose of caffeine, are you hurting or helping your health? Scientists have been studying coffee for years, and there are currently about 20,000 studies on coffee’s effects. continue reading »