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Tag Results for "Cocaine"

Colombian Police Seize Cocaine en Route to Sinaloa Cartel

Drug enforcement agents seized one ton of cocaine on a highway in northwestern Colombia that was bound for Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel, the National Police said. continue reading »

Puerto Rican Police Seize a Ton of Cocaine

The Puerto Rico Police Department and U.S. federal authorities seized more than a ton of cocaine found on a launch 30 kilometers (18 miles) off the coast of the southern city of Guayama. continue reading »

Nicaraguan Directly Connected to Colombian Cartel Arrested

A man suspected of being the "main operator" of Colombia's Norte del Valle drug cartel in Nicaragua and who was the subject of an arrest warrant issued in June 2011 has been arrested, the National Police said. continue reading »

Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal

Colombian Governor Says Forgo Coca Eradication Program, Use Money to Combat Poverty

Colombia's program to eradicate coca - the raw material of cocaine - is a failure and the money would be better spent on efforts to alleviate rural poverty, the governor of the southwestern province of Nariño said here Friday. continue reading »

Airport Shooting in Mexico Began Over Drug Dispute

A June 25 shootout at Mexico City's capital's airport that left three police officers dead began with an argument among cops over a packet of cocaine, a leading Mexican newspaper said Friday. continue reading »

Costa Rica Arrests Mexican Cocaine Kingpin Who’s Wanted in 8 Countries

A high-ranking member of Mexico's Gulf drug cartel was arrested Thursday in Costa Rica, the Central American country's top counternarcotics official said. continue reading »

U.S. Customs Seizes $7.3 Million Worth of Cocaine

On May 29, Customs and Border Protection officers at the Miami Seaport discovered approximately 459 pounds of cocaine hidden in a container at the Port of Miami. While inspecting containers at the Miami seaport CBP officers identified suspect suspicious boxes in a container which a CBP canine subsequently alerted to for the presence of narcotics. continue reading »

Mexican Court Overturns Ruling, “Queen of the Pacific” Will be Extradited to the U.S.

A Mexican federal court ruled that a reputed drug trafficker known as the "Queen of the Pacific" can be extradited to the United States. The judges overturned a January ruling blocking the handover of Sandra Avila Beltran on grounds that U.S. authorities were seeking to try her on the same charges as those she had already been acquitted of in Mexico. continue reading »

2.5 tons of Cocaine, $300,000 Confiscated in Colombia

Police seized 2.5 tons of cocaine and a large amount of cash in three operations in different parts of Colombia, arresting 16 suspects, President Juan Manuel Santos said. continue reading »

Bolivia Destroyed 250 Cocaine Labs This Week

Bolivian police dismantled nearly 250 cocaine laboratories in recent days in the eastern province of Santa Cruz, the FELCN drug enforcement agency said. continue reading »

The Heat is On In Oscar De La Hoya’s Latest Sex Scandal (VIDEO)

Boxer Oscar de la Hoya has turned up the heat in the case of a woman suing him for $5M for allegedly imprisoning her during a kinky night of sex and drugs. continue reading »

Coca Cultivation in Bolivia Remains Stable, Contributes $310 Million to Economy

The cultivation of coca bushes in Bolivia has remained stable over the past year with 31,000 hectares planted with the shrub, the raw material for the manufacture of cocaine, according to a new survey by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING: Woman Arrested in Barcelona With 8lbs. of Cocaine IN HER NUTS!

The woman managed to fly from Bogotá to Barcelona with 8lbs of the alkaloid hidden in wine bottles, and nuts. continue reading »

Bolivian Coca Growers Upset With Comedy Film (VIDEO)

The film titled “Los Gringos No Comen Llajua” (Gringos Don’t Eat Spicy Sauce) has been banned in the Chulumani region of Bolivia after local coca growers say they have been portrayed at criminals. continue reading »

Bolivia Appeals to the UN to Legalize Chewable Coca Leaf

Chewing coca leaves has been a common practice among Andean indigenous populations through countless generations, dating back to pre-Colombus times. continue reading »