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Tag Results for "Cmll"

Lucha Libre- “Charles Manson” in Jail

The Mexican fighter Jose Luna Pozas best known in the Lucha Libre World as Charles Manson was sent to the Southern Mexico Prison accused of assault and robbery against two police officers. continue reading »

Lucha Libre’s Tony Guerrero crowned Overall Champion

The capital's Tony Guerrero was crowned overall champion nuyevo Saw Colombia – at the Maracana Arena on the last date he faced the giant Guerrero Maximum “The Spartacus” continue reading »

Clarification on the Ultimate Warrior Interview by Super Fight Magazine

As readers of SUPER FIGHTS will already have noticed, the coverage for the World Wrestling Council have declined in recent weeks. The reason for this is that the company is in a climate of anxiety, mainly due to the sudden recruitment of Mystic by WWE. continue reading »

Lucha Libre Maximo Leaving CMLL, Hello AAA

Maximo made the announcement today via his Facebook page that it was “official” that he was leaving CMLL and heading to AAA. continue reading »

Ras De Lona Special Recap 2010

A recap of CMLL in 2010 talking about Los Invasores, Jushin Liger and other Japanese wrestlers in CMLL, CMLL wrestlers in Japan, La Sombra, Rayo De Jalisco Jr. and much more! continue reading »