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Tag Results for "Clown"

Ozzie Guillén Calls Sean Penn a Clown

After Penn published a pro-Chávez editorial in the Huffington Post, Ozzie called him a clown! continue reading »

Brazil’s Favorite Clown and Deputy “Tiririca” Not Illiterate After All

Brazilian electoral candidate Francisco Everando Oliveira Silva, better known as "Tiririca" the clown, is a step closer to be able to serve as a deputy, after passing a reading/writing test (which current president Lula, once a shoe shiner said to be an idiocy, an insult to those who voted for him) mandated by the Regional Electoral Tribunal of Sao Paulo, following rumors that the clown was illiterate, and thus unable to assume the job. continue reading »

Illiterate Clown “Tiririca” sweeps Brazil’s congressional elections.

Illiterate Clown "Tiririca" sweeps Brazil's congressional elections. continue reading »