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Tag Results for "Ciudad Juarez"

FX’s “The Bridge” Highlights Woes at the U.S.-Mexico Border

One of the aims of "The Bridge," a new television series on the U.S. cable network FX, is to make viewers think about the woes of the U.S.-Mexico border region, the show's co-star said here. continue reading »

More Americans Killed in Mexico Than Any Other Non-U.S. Country

According to an analysis by the Agence France Press (AFP), more Americans have been murdered in Mexico than in any other country outside the U.S. Studying statistics from the U.S. State Department, continue reading »

Mexican Officials Implement Diet Regimen for Overweight Police

Forty percent of the police officers in Ciudad Juarez, a border city in northern Mexico, are obese and at least 80 percent are overweight, prompting officials to put them on diets. continue reading »

Eight People Killed in Separate Incidents in Northern Mexico

Eight people were murdered in separate incidents in the northern state of Chihuahua, Mexican authorities said Wednesday. continue reading »

Ciudad Juarez’s May 2012 Murder Rate Lowest Rate Since March 2009

The border town of Juarez, Mexico reportedly saw the least amount homicides in three years this past May. According to the El Paso Times, Juarez, which has become kno continue reading »

Website “Frontera List” Covers Violence In Mexican Border Region

The Web site Frontera List tracks the violence of Mexico's drug war as part of a wider mission to document events and trends in the U.S.-Mexican borderlands. continue reading »

Juarez Back on Tourist Attraction Maps for Visitors to U.S.-Mexico Border Area

Ciudad Juarez is returning to maps featuring attractions for visitors to the U.S.-Mexico border region around El Paso after two years of being excluded due to a wave of drug-related violence. continue reading »

Is There a Serial Killer in Juarez? Multiple Remains Found Were Girls, Women - Only Half Identified

Authorities have discovered that the bodies of 12 people found in troubled Ciudad Juarez over the last few months are those of girls and women, leading many to worry that young females are being specifically targeted. continue reading »

Ciudad Juarez Mayor Says His City is Not the World’s Deadliest

The mayor of this Mexican border metropolis rejected a U.S. official's suggestion that Ciudad Juarez is the world's most dangerous large city. "We're not the world's most dangerous cit continue reading »

Narco Blog: Children Witness Execution in Ciudad Juarez

Armed assailants gunned down a man inside an elementary school in this northern border city, Mexico's murder capital, local authorities said. The victim had sought refuge from the gunmen inside the school, where he was shot dead Thursday and his body left on a soccer field, municipal police spokesman Adrian Sanchez told Efe. continue reading »

Cop in Violent & Drug Plagued Ciudad Juarez Busy Issuing 6-Year Traffic Ticket for Toy Motorcycle?

The incident occurred on Dec. 27, when the boy, identified only as Gael, was riding his toy motorcycle in the gated subdivision where his family lives and collided with an SUV that had blown a stop sign continue reading »

Ambulance Ambushed in Mexico, Paramedics and Patients Shot and Killed

An ambulance in Mexico was ambushed in Ciudad Juarez on Wednesday and all people inside the emergency vehicle were killed say police. It is being reported that unidentified continue reading »

Three Killed in Chihuahua City, Mexico - Unidentified Gunmen Escape

Two men and a woman were killed by gunmen as they drove down an avenue over the weekend in Chihuahua city, the capital of the like-named northern Mexican state, police said. continue reading »

U.S. Drivers Owe Ciudad Juarez $10 Million for Unpaid Traffic Citations

The northern Mexico town of Ciudad Juarez is looking to collect from U.S. drivers, as more than $10 million dollars worth of tickets remain unpaid by U.S. drivers alone. continue reading »

Ciudad Juarez Cop Shoots Dog for Barking at Him (Video)

A Ciudad Juárez cop shot “Canela” a terrier mix, after the pooch snapped at him on Tuesday. According to a report published in the troubled border town’s El Diario, the cop left his patrol vehicle to purchase a soda, and after the dog barked at him he shot her, picked up the 45mm bullet case and went on with his shift. continue reading »

1500 Strong, Mexican Poets Caravan Arrives in Juarez, Calling for Justice

Javier Sicilia, A Mexican Poet who lost an innocent son to drug violence has turned his grief into a crusade for peace. He started a caravan outside Mexico City last Saturday, and has gained about 1,500 followers, including others who had lost innocent family members and friends to drug violence, on his route to Ciudad Juarez, the country's most violent city. continue reading »

Three Children Die As A Result of Molotov Attack in Ciudad Juárez

A group of unidentified thugs drove by a Ciudad Juárez home, and threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the bedroom where the children slept. continue reading »

Activists Want Outside Investigation of Disappearances Linked to Top Police Official in Juarez

Mere weeks into his job, Lt. Col. Julian Leyzaola is being accused of human rights violations, much like those he faced as a Tijuana law enforcement official. Monday, human rights activists demanded that Ciudad Juarez’s secretary of public security be investigated continue reading »

U.S. Professor of Archaeology Kidnapped in Mexican Border City of Juarez

Mexican authorities from the northern state of Chihuahua have announced that Veronica Perez Rodriguez, a professor of archaeology at Northern Arizona University, has been kidnapped there while visiting relatives. continue reading »

72 Hours in Juarez Leaves 53 Murdered Throughout City, 150 thus Far in March

Last week from Thursday through Saturday Ciudad Juarez left its residents in shock again at the scope of violence it is plagued with. Over the 72 hour period 53 people were killed and amongst the dead were a police officer, a municipal patrolman and a state investigator. continue reading »