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Tag Results for "Chupacabras"

Has the Chupacabras Now Grown Wings? Mexican Man Says He Saw Winged Beast Near Site of 35 Dead Sheep

Some local citizens of the Mexican town of Paracuaro believe that the legendary chupacabras has not only grown wings, but is also responsible for the deaths of 35 sheep. continue reading »

Goats, Never Fear! El Chupacabra has Been Shot in Texas. Well, Sort of. Maybe. Who Knows?!

The notorious Chupacabra is dead! At least, that's what one Texas teen believes after landing three shots in an animal h saw not far form his La Salle home. continue reading »

Whose Bed Bugs Are More Bad Ass?

Paying half attention to the news I keep hearing the words ‘plague’ ‘infestation’ ‘epidemic’ being mentioned so often, I half expect to see that the illegal anchor babies have indeed invaded the U.S. Capital or assume Glen Beck is talking about the Democrats again. Since Beck is now a man of God, the talk is all about minuscule size critters lovingly known as bed bugs or ‘chinches de cama’ in Spanish. continue reading »