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Tag Results for "Chile"

WATCH: Pictures From the Eruption of the Puyehue Volcano in Chile

Chilean geologists have said lava won't be spewed from the mountain, but the smoke and ashes from the weekend's eruption, are causing air traffic chaos in Argentina! continue reading »

Drink it ‘Til You’re Yellow in the Face: The Simpson’s Duff Beer the Rage in Latin America

“Yes, it does exist!” The Simpsons’ favorite adult beverage is now available in México, Argentina, Colombia and Chile! continue reading »

Remains of Chilean President Salvador Allende Exhumed: Suicide or Murder?

Remains of Chilean President Salvador Allende have been exhumed to determine once and for all was it Suicide or Murder? The remains of the socialist leader were exhumed Monday to try to determine whether he was killed or committed suicide. continue reading »

Costa Rica Joins UN Human Rights Council for First Time, While Chile and Peru Return

Six countries that have never previously served on the United Nations Human Rights Council are among 15 new members of the Geneva-based body after a round of balloting among UN Member States this past Friday morning. continue reading »

Miner who Wrote “We’re Ok” Message Wants it back from Chilean President

The Chilean miner who wrote the famous message "We're OK" message wants it back from Chilean President Sebastin Piñera. José Ojeda can only hope Piñera returns the little paper with the survival message, as he once promised. continue reading »