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Tag Results for "Chile News"

Former Chilean President to Be Nominated for April 13 Presidential Primaries

Former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, who has announced she is stepping down as head of the U.N. women's agency and will return to her homeland, will be named a candidate in the opposition coalition's presidential primary scheduled for April 13. continue reading »

Chile Inaugurates World’s Most Powerful Space Telescope

After two decades of construction, the world's largest and most powerful radio telescope has begun operating in the Chilean desert, giving astronomers a greater ability to peer even farther into the depths of the universe. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera inaugurated the $1.3 billion ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) complex Wednesday in an area located about 5,000 meters above sea level - an altitude where there is little humidity or cloud cover. continue reading »

Chile’s Former Antarctica Military Bases Now Home to Polar Research

The navy bases that Chile began builing in Antarctica in 1947 have evolved into facilities coveted by scientists interested in polar research. continue reading »

Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda’s Body to be Exhumed in Murder Investigation

The remains of the great Chilean poet and Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, will be exhumed as part of a murder investigation. continue reading »

Check Out the Amazing Work of Artist Oscar Ramos

Thanks to Bored Panda, our attention has been brought to Chilean artist Oscar Ramos' amazing artwork. Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Ramos' work is a new take on continue reading »

Chile Mourns 16 Soccer Fans Killed in Bus Accident

Sixteen people died and 22 were injured in southern Chile when a small bus carrying fans of a local soccer team skidded off the highway and plunged down a ravine in southern Chile, an accident the country mourns and which once again spotlights the safety problems of those vehicles. continue reading »

Bus Carrying Soccer Fans Plunges Into Ravine in Southern Chile Killing 15

Fifteen people including two children died early Saturday and 21 were injured when a bus skidded off the highway and plunged down a ravine in southern Chile, authorities said. continue reading »

Chilean Telescope Captures Seagull Nebula

The MPG/ESO telescope at the La Silla Observatory in northern Chile has captured a new image of the wings of a "cosmic seagull," the European Southern Observatory announced Wednesday. continue reading »

International Firms Reveal Plans to Build LatAm’s Largest Solar Plant in Chile

Chilean mining company CAP and U.S.-based SunEdison have signed a deal to build a 100 MW solar plant in the Atacama Desert, a project touted as the biggest of its kind in Latin America and also one of the world's largest. continue reading »

Astronomers Photograph First Nebula with Cavity in Chile

Astronomers based at the European Southern Observatory, or ESO, in Chile have captured the first image of a nebula with a patch, or cavity, using the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment, or APEX, telescope, the ESO said Wednesday. continue reading »

Latin America News: Millions in Chile Left Without Water After Severe Weather

Some 2 million inhabitants of Santiago were without drinking water Tuesday due to the closing down of production plants following a rainstorm and flooding in the Andes east of the Chilean capital, officials said. continue reading »

Chile Saw 3.5 Million Tourists in 2012

Chile received a total of 3.5 million foreign tourists in 2012, a 13 percent hike over the year before and an all-time record, according to an official report issued Monday. continue reading »

Latin America News:  Gunmen Opens Fire in Valaparaiso, Chile, 7 Wounded

Seven people were wounded Monday when a man wielding a shotgun opened fire on pedestrians in the coastal city of Valparaiso, Chilean media outlets said. continue reading »

Chile Lowers Death Toll in Andes Car Crash

The governor of the Chilean province of Los Andes, Edith Quiroz, has lowered the number of fatalities to four in the collision of a bus and a truck on the route connecting Chile and Argentina through the Los Libertadores mountain pass in the Andes. continue reading »

Chilean Court Orders Jail for Fake Doctor Whose 25 Patients Died

A Chilean court of law ordered imprisonment for a woman who pretended to be a doctor, who treated 25 patients who died, who was the dean of a university that was closed down several days ago, and who signed 13 death certificates. continue reading »

Car Accident in the Andes Kills 5, Injures 25

Five people died and another 25 were injured Friday when a bus and truck collided on the international route connecting Chile with Argentina through the Los Libertadores mountain pass in the Andes, authorities said. continue reading »

Chile Indicts 8 Former Army Officers For Murder of Victor Jara

The murder of popular folk singer Victor Jara in the wake of Chile's Sept. 11, 1973, military coup became front-page news again Friday with a judge's decision to indict 8 retired army officers for the crime. continue reading »

Authorities Lift Alert on Copahue Volcano on Chile-Argentina Border

Activity at the Copahue volcano, which began erupting over the weekend on the Chile-Argentina border, diminished markedly and the red alert issued for the area was lifted, emergency management officials said. continue reading »

Chilean Family of 6 Killed in Blaze

Six members of a single family were killed Wednesday when a fire consumed their home in the southern region of Araucania, Chilean authorities said. continue reading »

Spanish Companies Invest $15 Billion in Chile, Says Rajoy

Accumulated Spanish investment in Chile exceeds $15 billion, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said in a message to the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the South American country. continue reading »