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Tag Results for "Chile News"

Latin America Fails to Rank Very High on Better Life Index

Every year the OECD ranks the developed countries by quality of life. The "Better Life Index" evaluates various components ranging from housing to healthcare to life satisfaction. continue reading »

Top 5 Developed Countries in Latin America

According to a recent human development report from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the global South has seen substantial progress. With increased life expectancy, average salaries, and education, Latin American countries have higher human development. continue reading »

CHILE: Gold Mining Company Fined $16.5M for Environmental Violations

Chile's SMA environmental watchdog said Friday that it had imposed an 8-billion-peso (roughly $16.5-million) fine on Canada's Barrick Gold and ordered it to halt its Pascua-Lama mine project over environmental violations. continue reading »

Chile Launches Bid for 8,525-Ft Suspension Bridge Across Chacao Channel

Chile's government has launched a bid process for the construction of a 2,600-meter (8,525-foot) suspension bridge linking Chiloe Island to the mainland, a project with an investment limit of $740 million. continue reading »

Chilean Mining Giant Codelco to Invest $27B Over Six Years

Chilean state-owned mining giant Codelco on Wednesday announced plans to invest nearly $27 billion over the next six years. CEO Thomas Keller said the investment program, continue reading »

CHILE: Initial Tests Confirms Laureate Pablo Neruda Died from Cancer

The initial tests performed on the exhumed remains of Nobel literature laureate Pablo Neruda show that the Chilean poet was suffering from advanced prostate cancer, officials associated with the process confirmed to Efe. continue reading »

Chilean Cult Leader Who Had Baby Sacrificed, Found Hanged in Peru

Police in Colliguay, Chile were shocked to learn a three-day-old baby girl had been sacrificed by a cult, with approval from the mother, in a ritual this past November. continue reading »

Train in Chile Derailed, Engineers Shot

Unknown persons on Tuesday derailed a freight train in the southern Chilean region of La Araucania, in the so-called Mapuche conflict zone, and then fired on the engineers and tried to burn the cargo and the railcars. continue reading »

Four Arrested in Chile for Burning 3-Day-Old Baby Alive

A child is dead and four people are in jail after a gruesome ritual in Chile. Police in Colliguay, Chile were shocked to learn a three-day-old baby girl had been sacrificed, continue reading »

Chilean Students Return to Protest Current Education Model

Chile's student movement on Thursday offered another demonstration of its clout, bringing tens of thousands onto the streets of the capital to demand the overhaul of an educational model that dates from the Pinochet dictatorship. continue reading »

Pablo Neruda’s Body Exhumed Today in Possible Murder Investigation

The remains of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) were exhumed here Monday to determine if he died of cancer or was murdered by agents of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship. continue reading »

Lollapalooza Headliner Pearl Jam Rocks Chile

U.S. rock band Pearl Jam kept the soul of grunge alive at the close of the first day of the 3rd edition of Chile's Lollapalooza music festival. The death of Nirvana leader and legend Kurt Cobain 19 years ago and of Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley in 2002 had left this subgenre of rock without key stylists and almost resulted in its slipping into oblivion. continue reading »

Solar Energy Projects in Chile Receive $40 Million Loans

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a loan package for $41.4 million to private sector firms for the construction, operation, and maintenance of three photovoltaic solar power plants in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. The financing consists of a loan for $20.7 million from the IDB’s ordinary capital and a loan for $20.7 million from the Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in the Americas, which is administered by the Bank. continue reading »

54 Arrested, 7 Cops Wounded on Chile’s Day of the Young Combatant

Some 54 people were arrested and seven police were wounded when violent protests broke out over the past two nights in working-class neighborhoods of Santiago commemorating Chile's Day of the Young Combatant. continue reading »

Chilean Youths Battle Police at Activist Remembrance Day

Groups of youths in this capital and other Chilean cities battled with police early Friday on the annual Day of the Young Combatant, which commemorates the killing of two activists by the 1973-1990 Pinochet regime. continue reading »

Chilean Miners Protest Co-worker’s Death, Halting Production

A group of workers have barred access to Chilean state copper giant Codelco's Radomiro Tomic mine to protest a machinist's death five days ago, an incident the company says was "accidental." continue reading »

Pacific Alliance Trade Bloc to Liberalize 90 Percent of Trades

Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico will liberalize 90 percent of their internal trade with the signing of an agreement on May 23 in Cali, Colombia, where the next Pacific Alliance summit will be held, the Chilean government announced Wednesday. continue reading »

Chilean Court Won’t Indict Former Pres. Bachelet for Tsunami Deaths

A Chilean court on Monday rejected a request to indict former President Michelle Bachelet for the 156 deaths blamed on a botched tsunami warning after the magnitude-8.8 continue reading »

Chile Revels in Its New Cutting Technology

In Latin American business news, Chile is reveling in its cutting-edge technology in the Atacama desert. The new $1.4 billion observatory contains the power of 3 million computers into one telescope. continue reading »

Santiago Seeks $500-$600 Million in Financing to Expand Mass Transit System

In Latin American business news, the city of Santiago, Chile may seek $500-$600 million to upgrade its mass transit system continue reading »