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Tag Results for "Chile News"

Chilean Army Massacred 2,000 Protesting Miners in 1907

Today in Latin American history, the Chilean Army committed a massacre of at least 2,000 striking saltpeter miners in Iquique, Chile in 1907. continue reading »

Hundreds of Protestors Arrested at Demonstration Marking 40 Year Anniversary of Coup

The disturbances that broke out in Santiago and other cities as Chile marked the 40th anniversary of the military coup that toppled Socialist President Salvador Allende left scores of people hurt, 264 others under arrest, more than a dozen vehicles torched and about 200,000 households without electricity, Interior Minister Andres Chadwick said Thursday. continue reading »

Chile Solemnly Marks 40th Anniversary of Bloody Coup that Brought Dictator Pinochet to Power

Chile's rightist government and center-left opposition held separate events here Monday to mark the 40th anniversary of the bloody coup that ushered in 17 years of harsh military rule under the late Gen. Augusto Pinochet. continue reading »

Chilean Students Call For an End to Pinochet Education Model

Tens of thousands of students marched here Thursday to demand an end to the educational system inherited from late dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet as Chile prepares to mark the 40th anniversary of the coup that brought him to power. continue reading »

Brazil’s MMX Sells Chile Assets to Cooper Mining

Brazil's MMX Mineração e Metalicos, part of Brazilian magnate Eike Batista's conglomerate, said it had agreed to sell its Chilean unit to Inversiones Cooper Mining. continue reading »

Chilean Presidential Candidate Evelyn Matthei to Officially Register Candidacy

The Chilean right's candidate in the Nov. 17 presidential election, Evelyn Matthei, will officially register her candidacy next week, according to what officials on her campaign team told Efe on Thursday. continue reading »

Prison Riot and Fire in Chile Leaves 24 Inmates Injured, Protesting Overcrowding

Two dozen inmates were injured Tuesday morning in a brawl and subsequent fire at a prison in the central Chilean city of Quillota, authorities said. continue reading »

Chilean Miners Outraged After Criminal Charges Fail

The shift leader for a group of 33 men trapped for nearly 70 days in 2010 inside a mine in northern Chile said Friday the workers would file a complaint with the International Labor Organization after prosecutors in the Andean nation declined to charge anyone in the cave-in. continue reading »

Chile: No Criminal Charges for 2010 Mining Accident

The prosecutor's office of the northern Chilean region of Atacama has decided not to bring any criminal charges in the case of a 2010 mine collapse that left 33 miners trapped far underground for nearly 70 days. continue reading »

CHILE: Conservatives Struggle to Select a Presidential Candidate

Chilean President Sebastian Piñera on Monday accepted the resignation of Labor Minister Evelyn Matthei, who is stepping down in the hope of becoming the rightist governing coalition's presidential candidate in the Nov. 17 election. continue reading »

Alsea Acquires Full Ownership of Starbucks in Chile, Argentina

Mexican restaurant operator Alsea said Wednesday it was acquiring full ownership of the Starbucks Coffee businesses in Chile and Argentina for an undisclosed sum. continue reading »

Chilean Student Protest Leader Camila Vallejo Running on Communist Party Ticket for Office

One of the most prominent faces of the massive student protests that rocked Chile in 2011 has officially launched her bid for a seat in Congress. continue reading »

1,500 Year-Old Nicotine Habit Found in Chilean Mummies

56 Chilean mummies have yielded an interesting find revealing that smoking nicotine is an old habit, going as far back as 100 B.C. continue reading »

219,000 Children Work Illegally in Chile

Chile's government said 229,000 children perform some type of economic activity in the country and 219,000 work illegally, many in jobs considered dangerous. continue reading »

Union Members, Miners, Students Protest in Chile

Thousands of people turned out Wednesday on another day of demonstrations called by students in several Chilean cities, with union members, port workers and miners joining the throng. continue reading »

Costanera Center, Chile’s Tallest Building, Catches Fire

The Costanera Center real estate megaproject, South America's tallest skyscraper, experienced a fire on Thursday that forced authorities to evacuate more than 1,000 people. continue reading »

Medical Mystery:  Chilean Girl Cries Tears of Blood (VIDEO)

Medical personnel in the town of Purranque, Chile have a medical mystery on their hands, one that is getting a lot of attention outside their region. continue reading »

Chilean Students Continue Massive Protests Demand Education Reform

Tens of thousands of students took to the streets of this capital and other Chilean cities on Thursday for another in a long series of protests calling for a radical shakeup of the nation's educational system. continue reading »

Chile has Most Broadband Connections in LatAm, Argentina No. 2

Chile has the highest 2-megabyte broadband Internet penetration rate for landline and mobile connections in Latin America, a report released in Bogota said. continue reading »

Highest Life Expectancies in Latin America

Life expectancy is the average number of years a person would live if the mortality rate remains constant in the future. Variables such as the quality of healthcare, ongoing wars, obesity, and HIV/AIDS infections affect each country's life expectancy. continue reading »