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Tag Results for "Child Development"

Pets May Help Kids With Autism Develop Social Skills

Study found if animal came into home after child was born, communication improved. Introducing a pet into the home of a child with autism may help that child develop improved social behaviors, new research finds. continue reading »

Developmental Woes Common in Siblings of Children With Autism

Some show subtle developmental delays, study finds. One in three children with an older sibling who has an autism spectrum disorder, or problems with social interaction and communication, continue reading »

Preschool Peers May Boost Language Skills in Kids

She and her colleagues looked at 338 children in 49 preschool classrooms and found that, among children with low initial language skills, those who were placed in the lowest-ability classes continue reading »

STUDY:  Memory Development Incomplete Until Adulthood

The ability to remember the origin of memories isn't fully developed until adulthood, a new study says. This ability refers not only to memories of past events but also to the origin of those memories -- for example, remembering not just meeting a particular person but the context in which you met that person, the German researchers explained. continue reading »

Un Estudio Plantea que Entre Más Trabaja la Madre, Más Pesan sus Hijos

Investigadores señalan que los cambios en los hábitos alimenticios y de sueño podrían explicar la tendencia. Como si las madres trabajadoras no tuvieran ya razones para sentirse culpables continue reading »