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Tag Results for "Child Abuse"

Spanish Ad Agency, Anti-Abuse Foundation Create Ad Specifically to Help Children

How do you get a message of help and hope to abused children without adults seeing it? The ANAR Foundation worked with Grey Spain to find a way.. Last month, a new kind of ad was introduced to help the youngest victims of abuse. Using national averages for adult and child height, continue reading »

Mom Accused of Tying Daughter to Bed is Held on $620k Bail

A single mother has made her appearance in court on Friday after being accused of tying her four-year-old daughter to a bed for twelve hours a day and leaving her a plastic bin in which to go to the bathroom. The woman is being held on $620,000 bail. continue reading »

Man Accused of Beating Son for Liking ‘Wrong’ Football Team

An Oklahoma father stands accused of beating his son because he was rooting for Oklahoma University and not Oklahoma State University (OSU). Gannon Mendez, 42, allegedly abused his 9-year-old son continue reading »

Baby Dies After Stepfather Places Child in Freezer During Domestic Dispute

A 5-month-old baby died Tuesday in this capital after a man thought to be its stepfather put the child into a freezer after having an argument with its mother. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Deby Mejia Beats Sister, 10, Over a Bag of Cheetos

A Texas woman is scheduled to appear in court on November 13 for allegedly beating her little sister over snack food. Police say Deby Mejia’s dislike for her little sister is so intense that something like seeing her e continue reading »

Child Abuse Injuries Have Risen, Study Finds

Child protective agencies reported decline, but hospital data tell a different story. Despite government agency reports suggesting a decrease in child abuse cases, new data show that the number of childr continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Monserate Perez Stomps On 3-Year-Old’s Leg, Breaking It

A Connecticut man is accused of stomping on and breaking the leg of his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. Monserate Perez, 528, of West Haven was arrested Thursday morning after his girlfriend took her toddler to Y continue reading »

UN Urges Honduras to Make Greater Efforts to Protect Children From Sexual Exploitation

A United Nations independent expert today called on Honduras to increase its efforts to protect children from sexual exploitation, adding that the country still faces many challenges to ensure they are not victims of prostitution, pornography and abuse. continue reading »

Gomez Children Blindfolded, Bound in Parking Lot Because Family Thought They Were Possessed

Earlier this summer, Adolfo and Deborah Gomez were charged with two counts of child abuse and five counts of aggravated child endangerment when police allege they left two of their children bound and blindfolded outside their vehicle at a Walmart in Kansas. continue reading »

Mental Abuse of Kids Leaves Lifelong Scars

Frequent put-downs, tirades, threats may constitute psychological maltreatment. Constantly belittling, threatening or ignoring children can be as damaging to their mental health as continue reading »

Parental Abuse, Neglect Linked to Increased Skin Cancer Risk

Study found those who suffered it were more likely to get second skin cancer later in life. New research suggests that early childhood abuse and neglect may raise the risk for recurring skin cancer later in life. continue reading »

Argentine Teacher Gets 12 yrs for Offering Better Grades in Exchange for Sex to Students

An Argentine court confirmed the 12-year prison sentence meted out to a high school teacher who offered better grades to his students in exchange for sex, local media reported Tuesday. continue reading »

Thousands of U.S. Kids Hospitalized for Abuse

Infants, poor children most vulnerable, study suggests. Close to 4,600 kids in the United States were hospitalized as a result of child abuse in one recent year, and 300 of them died, a new study shows. continue reading »

Pastor Francisco Antonio Hernandez Accused of Sexually Abusing Children Sees More Charges Added

Earlier this year, Pastor Javier aka Francisco Antonio Hernandez was charged with sexual crimes against children in the Austin,Texas area. Now, additional charges have been added, and he sits in jail with bail set at $220,000. continue reading »

Recession Tied to Rise in Child Abuse Injuries

Incidence of 'shaken baby syndrome' and other head trauma almost doubled, study found. The stress of unemployment, foreclosures and putting food on the table may have continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Locks 5-year-old Daughter in Closet, Starves Her for Looking Like Her Father

Social workers found a severely malnourished 5-year-old girl in a closet in her mother’s house July 18. The child is reported to have been starved and beaten due to her resemblance to her father. continue reading »

Two Haitian Nationals Accused of Killing Four-Yr Old of “Extreme Alcohol Poisoning”

Formal charges are pending against the Haitian father and aunt of a four-year old girl who died from “extreme alcohol poisoning” this past Saturday. continue reading »