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Tag Results for "Chicken Recipes"

Citrus-Tequila Poached Chicken with Guacamole

Use your favorite blanco tequila to spice up your chicken and Mexican-ize it with jicama, cilantro and guacamole. continue reading »

Chile Jam Chicken

Spice up your boring chicken with Chile jam that adds spice and sweetness and when pan fried gives you a crispy, sticky and crunchy meal. continue reading »

Chicharron Crusted Fried Chicken

The Chicharron crusted fried chicken recipe replaces the traditional bread crumbs with crushed chicharrones making your chicken even crunchy. Chicaharrones is fried pork fat that is a favorite Mexican snack. continue reading »

Chicken Taco Recipe ( Tacos de Pollo)

"This recipe is quick and easy - good for those nights you don't have a lot of time for dinner preparations." continue reading »