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Tag Results for "Chicago Immigration News"

News of Proposed Immigration Detention Center Near Chicago Not Being Well Received

The proposed construction of a migrant detention center in a rural area 60 kilometers (35 miles) from Chicago has been rejected by pro-immigrant groups who see it as proof that the government is not considering reducing the deportations of undocumented foreigners. continue reading »

Country’s First 24-Hour Deportation Hotline Launches in Chicago

The country's first 24-hour Deportation Family Support Hotline launched yesterday to help Illinois families and children left behind in deportations. The HELP-MY-F(amily) hotline will serve callers from Illinois in English, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese. continue reading »

Immigration Debate in Illinois Heats Up- Whose Job Is It?

The questions of whose responsibility to legislate and enforce immigration issues are being vigorously debated in the Illinois General Assembly. continue reading »