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Tag Results for "Chicago Bears"

Chicago Bears Add Evan Rodriguez to Roster at 2012 NFL Draft

The 6’2, 244-lb tight end/fullback from Temple, Evan Rodriguez, was chosen on the third and final day of the 2012 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears. continue reading »

‘Save Da Planet’ Launched by Chicago Bears to Help Environment

The Chicago Bears and Constellation Energy are partnering on a new long-term environmental initiative to “Save Da Planet,” announced this morning continue reading »

Chicago-Brewed Beers for Bears Season

Whether you’re in search of a quick post-work brew or a frosty game-day draft, Chicago is home to some of America’s most beloved beers. continue reading »

After Teams Losses, All Eyes Were Still on QBs Mark Sanchez and Jay Cutler As They Stepped Out

After losses this weekend, two NFL quarterbacks made the news again, but not for their skills on the field. Sunday night, after his team’s lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the NY Jets’ Mark Sanchez reportedly spent more than $2,500 at New York club chatting up a good-looking bartender. continue reading »

The Bears-Packer Rivalry (VIDEO)

The Bears--Packers rivalry is the oldest rivalry between two professional American football teams in the National Football League (NFL). continue reading »

WOO-HOO !!! Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers for the N.F.C. Championship Next Sunday

The Bears Victory on Sunday means that the N.F.C. championship game next Sunday at Soldier Field will be against the Bears’ biggest and oldest rival, the Green Bay Packers. continue reading »

UPDATE: Bears beat Seahawks 35-24, Patriots Loose, No Clear Super Bowl FavoriteToday!

UPDATE: At the Defeat of the Patriots, there is no clear leader in the odds to win the SuperBowl. Very Interesting! The Chicago Bears just beat the Seattle Seahawks, 35-24 which places them in the NFC Championship facing neighboring rival Green Bay Packers. The two team haven’t faced each other in a post season game since 1941. continue reading »

Adios Favre, Hola NFC Champs Chicago “Da Bears”! (VIDEO)

Monday night football not only saw frost and snow but the Chicago Bears clinch the NFC North title by defeating the Minnesota Vikings 40-14. continue reading »

POLL:  New England Patriots Expected to Win Fourth Super Bowl

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of NFL fans shows that 34% expect quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots to win their fourth Super Bowl in ten years. Eleven percent (11%) of fans expect the New Orleans Saints continue reading »