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Tag Results for "Cheating"

Report: Marc Anthony wanted to reconcile with Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony finally filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez this week, over eight months after they made their separation public. A possible reason for this might have been that Anthony was hoping that the two might reconcile, but Lopez chose Casper Smart before giving Anthony the chance. continue reading »

The Heat is On In Oscar De La Hoya’s Latest Sex Scandal (VIDEO)

Boxer Oscar de la Hoya has turned up the heat in the case of a woman suing him for $5M for allegedly imprisoning her during a kinky night of sex and drugs. continue reading »

Could The Woman Reportedly Splitting Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore be Latina?

Nothing is official, but rumors are all over that Ashton cheated on Demi with a San Diego blonde actress called Sara Leal. continue reading »

Oscar De La Hoya Spills the Juicy Beans on Univisión (VIDEO)

The retired boxer talked about his addiction to drugs and alcohol, thoughts of suicide, rehab stint and cheating on his wife—“Not like Tiger Woods,” but cheating nonetheless. continue reading »

Argentine Woman Says She Has Been Dating Shakira’s Ex for the last 6 Years (VIDEO)

Mariana Gallo, a 27 year old Argentine woman claims Antonio de la Rúa is a cheater and claim they had a 6 year relationship, even when he was seeing Shakira. continue reading »