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Tag Results for "Census"

CENSUS: 21 Percent of Married-Couple Households Have at Least One Foreign-Born Spouse

The U.S. Census Bureau reported today that 11.4 million married-couple households, or 21 percent of all married-couple households in America in 2011, had at least one spouse born in another country. About 13 percent (7.3 million) of households had two foreign-born spouses, and 7 percent (4.1 million) had one native-born and one foreign-born spouse. continue reading »

CENSUS:  Hispanic Population Grew 4x National Rate, Up 43%

The U.S. Census Bureau today released a 2010 Census brief on the nation's Hispanic population, which shows the Hispanic population increased by 15.2 million between 2000 and 2010 continue reading »

CENSUS: Only 14% of Latinos Have College Degree, Lowest Level Amongst All Minorities

According to the Census in 2010, 36 percent of the nation's population 25 and older left school before obtaining a degree. This includes 15 percent of the population that didn't earn a regular high school diploma continue reading »

PEW:  Record Number of Latinos Voted in 2010 Midterm Elections

A new study out by the Pew Hispanic Center shows that a record 6.6 million Latinos voted in last year’s mid-term elections. This finding disputes some earlier reports that Latino’s stayed home and also signals the influence they can exert in the upcoming Presidential elections. continue reading »

145% Hispanic Population Growth in Alabama

As more state census figures are released they are bearing true what the general census numbers indicated – population growth in the U.S. was triggered by the growth in the Hispanic population. continue reading »

SURVEY:  Which Ethnic Group Has Highest Divorce Rate?

The U.S. Census Bureau’s 5-Year American Community Survey showed that 12.6 percent of the American Indian population is divorced, the highest of any ethnic group in the U.S. continue reading »

Key U.S. Researcher to Use More Hispanics on Its Survey Panels to Better Represent Population Shifts

Reflecting strong client demand and important population shifts, Knowledge Networks is significantly expanding the number of young adults and Hispanics on KnowledgePanel – the only online panel based on a representative sample of the full U.S. population. continue reading »

It’s Official, U.S. Population Grew by 9.7% to 308,745,538

Check out our interactive map that highlights the history of apportionment and our country's changing population throughout the past century. continue reading »

CENSUS:  22% of Hispanics Living Below Poverty Line

The American Community Survey, a five year annual study from the U.S. Census, shows that 9.8 million or 22 percent of Latinos are living below the poverty level. continue reading »