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Tag Results for "Catholicism"

Pope Names Spanish St. John of Avila a Doctor of the Church

Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday proclaimed Spanish St. John of Avila (1499-1569) and German St. Hildegarde of Bingen (1098-1179) "doctors" of the church, one of the Catholic Church's highest honors. continue reading »

Second-, Third-Generation U.S. Hispanics Leaving the Catholic Church

According to polls from the Pew Research Center, less than 60 percent of second-generation Latinos are Catholic. However, they are not necessarily turning away from religion all together. continue reading »

Relics of Pope John Paul II Begin Tour of Mexico

A vial of blood of the former pope, a wax figure to his likeness and several personal objects will be in display in different Mexican cities until December. continue reading »

Learn the new Pope Benedict XVI Choreography! (VIDEO)

YMCA meets the Vatican. Watch and learn the steps to "Benedicto Equis, U Vé, Palito! continue reading »

WikiLeaks: High Clergy of Venezuela Defied Pope and Plotted Against Chávez

WikiLeaks says John Paul II Would have warned the higher ranking bishops in Venezuela not to interfere with Chávez. The prelates disobeyed. continue reading »

Mexicans Celebrating La Candelaria Today in Honor of Baby Jesus (VIDEO)

February 2nd, exactly 40 days after Christmas, is the date when Catholics traditionally celebrate the "Feast of Candelaria", or Candlemas, in which believers bring figures of the Baby Jesus dressed in finery, and exhibit them at churches. continue reading »