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Tag Results for "Catholic Church"

Beloved Tijuana Priest that Was Kidnapped is Found Brutally Murdered

The Mexican priest Salvador Ruiz Enciso, who disappeared from his parish in the city of Tijuana, northern Mexico, near the border with the United States, was killed as informed by the Archbishop of Tijuana, Archbishop Rafael Romo Muñoz. continue reading »

New Mass translation is ecumenically harmful, Anglican says

Because the Roman Catholic Church was a driving force behind the development of a common English translation of basic prayers used by many Christian churches for 40 years, more recent Vatican continue reading »

Spain’s First Female Ambassador to Vatican Arrives in Rome

Benedict XVI, received in audience Maria Jesus Figa Lopez-Palop, the first woman to serve as Spain's Ambassador to the Holy See. continue reading »

Expert says, “Catholicism is Destined to be Abandoned” in Mexico

Roberto Blancarte, a sociologist and historian, and one of the nation’s top specialists on religious on topics of religion, has said that each day of the last decade, more than 1,000 Mexicans left the Catholic Church. continue reading »

Hispanic Catholic Leader Reminds Everyone Christ was an Immigrant

Archbishop Jose Lopez, head of the U.S. bishops committee and migration and leader in the Los Angeles Catholic Church is reminding everyone that Christ was an immigrant. continue reading »

A ‘Miracle’ Happens to 3-Year Old Blessed by Pope Benedict, Survives Bus Running her Over

3-year old Claire Hill, was blessed in 2008 by Pope Benedict during his visit to Australia, when her parents held her up to his passing motor car on World Youth Day. They considered themselves fortunate to have gotten so close to the Pope but now wonder if that blessing resulted in a miracle that saved their daughter. continue reading »

97th World Day of Migrants and Refugees Celebrated Today Through the World’s Catholic Churches

Today the Church will observe the 97th World Day of Migrants and Refugees, a commemoration instituted by St. Pius X. Pope Benedict’s brief message for the day is entitled “One Human Family.” continue reading »

US Catholics Invited to Pray Novena for Haiti on Anniversary of Earthquake

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is asking Catholics in the United States to pray a novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe for Haiti. The novena begins on January 12-- the anniversary of the 2010 Haiti earthquake-- continue reading »

No Mixing of Doritos and Eucharist for Super Bowl Ad, Pepsi Decides

Doritos had all the right intentions, when it launched its very popular ‘Doritos Crash the Super Bowl’ ad contest giving the crafty and creative an opportunity to launch their ad idea in front of millions of Super Bowl fans on game day. continue reading »

Reality TV Newest Duo: Vatican and Discovery Channel with Show on Real Exorcisms

The Exorcist Files is yet another reality TV show coming to you this spring. However, the fact that the Vatican decided to open up its files on real exorcisms and pending investigations is a first and should make for very interesting TV. continue reading »

23 Church Workers Killed in 2010, Most were in Latin America

The Fides list avoids use of the word “martyr,” the Church has not officially ruled on the circumstances of the deaths. Most of the deaths appear to be the result of ordinary criminal activity rather than hatred for the Catholic faith. But Fides lists all those who died while engaged in full-time work for the Church. continue reading »

Hospital Loses Catholic Status for Performing Life-Saving ‘Abortion’

The St. Joseph Hospital of Phoenix, Arizona has been stripped of its Roman Catholic church affiliation and Catholic designation for performing a life-saving abortion on one of its patients. continue reading »

Catholic Church Has a Shortage of Exorcists to Handle “People Possessed by Demons”

U.S. bishops are looking for a few good men to become exorcists. In response to growing interest in the rite of exorcism and a shortage of trained exorcists nationwide, the bishops are sponsored a two-day conference that just concluded. Interest was great, 56 bishops and 66 priests had signed up. continue reading »

ELECTION:  Catholic Hispanics Remain Strongly Democratic

A new survey finds that Catholic Hispanics strongly support Democrats for Congress in the November election, while Protestant Hispanics are closely divided. continue reading »

Spanish Nun to be Made Saint

Beatified in 1996, Blessed Cándida María de Jesús Cipitria y Barriola (1845-1912) founded the Congregation of the Hijas de Jesús (Daughters of Jesus) in Salamanca, Spain. Her school now educates youth in 17 countries. continue reading »

Hispanics Will Form Majority of New U.S. Catholics

The bottom line is that the face of the Catholic Church in the United States in the not-so-distant future is going to look very different. Hispanic, to be precise. Interestingly, the percentage occupied by blacks across the four generations is very constant, hovering around 3-4 percent. The next ethnic group in size — Asian and Pacific Islanders — occupy between 1 and 3 percent of the population across the generations. continue reading »

President Pinera of Chile Turns Down Plea from the Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church was seeking pardons for people who committed crimes during military rule as members of the armed forces.The Chilean Bishops Conference had pleaded with Mr. Pinera to award clemency to continue reading »