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Tag Results for "Catholic Church"

Pope Francis I Addresses Rome For First Time as Pope

Argentina's Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio addressed tens of thousands of the faithful in St. Peter's Square late Wednesday after being chosen as the new pope of the Roman Catholic Church continue reading »

Cardinals to Meet on March 4 Before Official Conclave

Cardinals will begin holding formal meetings starting March 4 as part of their preparations for a conclave to elect the new pope, the Vatican said Friday. continue reading »

Pope Benedict XVI to Live Rest of Life as Simple Pilgrim

Benedict XVI, the 265th successor to St. Peter at the helm of the Catholic Church, left the papacy on Thursday to become a simple "pilgrim who is starting the last phase of his pilgrimage on this earth." continue reading »

President Perez Molina of Guatemala Has Audience with Pope Benedict

This morning, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, received in audience Mr. Otto Fernando Perez Molina, president of Guatemala. continue reading »

Pope Benedict Requests Prayers From Followers

More than 100,000 people gathered Sunday, the first Sunday of Lent, in St. Peter's Square for Pope Benedict XVI's next-to-last Angelus prayer, listening attentively as the pontiff asked them to pray for him. continue reading »

Conclave to Elect New Pope May Begin Before March 15

The papal conclave to elect the successor to Pope Benedict XVI, who will step down on Feb. 28, could begin prior to March 15 if all the cardinal electors are in Rome before that date, Vatican Press Office Director Federico Lombardi said Saturday. continue reading »

Pope Benedict Made Personal Decision to Step Down

Pope Benedict XVI said here Wednesday that he decided to resign the papacy "in full freedom for the good of the Church." continue reading »

Mexican Priest Hope His Films of Peace Will Reduce Narco Violence

The violence associated with organized crime that is besetting Mexico has spurred a Catholic priest to write and produce a series of short film features that he hopes will touch the hearts of both victims and victimizers. continue reading »

Pope Names Victor Rodriguez Gomez Bishop of Valle de Chalco, Mexico

Pope Benedict XVI has named Victor Rene Rodriguez Gomez to be the bishop of Valle de Chalco, Mexico, the Vatican said Thursday. continue reading »

Pope Benedict XVI Names 7 Saints, Including Spanish Nun

Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday proclaimed Spain's Mother Maria del Carmen Salles y Barangueras and six other people saints of the Roman Catholic Church in a ceremony witnessed by thousands of people in St. Peter's Square. continue reading »

Catholic Bishop Expelled From Cuba Willed $60,000 to Cuban Diocese

The late Auxiliary Bishop Agustin Roman, one of the spiritual leaders of South Florida's Cuban exile community, left $60,000 in his will to the Matanzas diocese in Cuba, the Miami archdiocese said Monday. continue reading »

New Film ‘For Greater Glory’ Features Martyrdom of Knights of Columbus Priest

When the Mexican government of Plutarco Elias Calles began persecuting the Catholic Church in the 1920s, priests were not immune. In fact, they became targets of the regime. continue reading »

VIDEO: Andy Garcia Interviews For Greater Glory Film

In a recent interview on his new project "For Greater Glory', Garcia discusses the fight for absolute freedom and how this ideal connects to his Cuban American background. continue reading »

Catholic Church in El Salvador Gets Gangs to Call a Truce

President Mauricio Funes said Wednesday that a truce between El Salvador's two largest gangs was arranged by the Catholic Church and he insisted his administration did no more than "facilitate" the efforts of the hierarchy. continue reading »

Why is the Catholic Mass Having a New Translation?

As Catholics in the United States get accustomed to new responses and prayers at Sunday Mass, many will probably ask: Why did the Mass change? The answers have to do with changes to the Latin text upon which the English translation is based and on the rules according to which the translations are made. continue reading »

Mass Unites Mexicans, Americans Separated by Border Fence

The Mexican bishop often exchanged glances with his American counterpart as they celebrated the All Souls' Day Mass. But instead of embracing at the kiss of peace, they touched palms -- though the chain-link fence. continue reading »

Ordain Women as Deacons Now! Why Not?

U.S. Catholic spent the last two days interviewing three scholars on the topic of women deacons at the book launch of Women Deacons: Past, Present, and Future (Paulist, 2011) at Loyola University's Gannon Center for Women in Leadership continue reading »

Hispanics in the Pews, Not on the Altar

Over the last several years, priestly ordination classes have gotten younger and more diverse, according to a 2011 study by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate out of Georgetown University. There are more Asian and black vocations. Asians are actually overrepresented, making up 4 percent of the U.S. Catholic population and 10 percent of the ordination class. continue reading »

Argentina to Tackle 500,000 Annual Abortions that Take Place, Leading Cause of Maternal Deaths

The issue on abortion will be on the agenda of the Commission of the Criminal Law of Deputies that will talk about this topic for the first time tomorrow, September 27. continue reading »

Forget Women’s Ordination: The Most Controversial Issue Among Catholics Today is Cry Rooms

Cry room supporters argue that other parishioners deserve a chance for prayer and meditation without the interruptions of a hungry newborn’s cries or inappropriate discussions of bodily functions right at the moment of consecration. Mommies and daddies can relax in cry rooms, they say, and avoid the guilt of knowing their progeny are disturbing their fellow Christians. continue reading »