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Tag Results for "Catholic Church On Immigration"

U.S. and Mexico Border Bishops Urge Lawmakers to Pass Immigration Reform

The Catholic bishops of U.S. and Mexico border dioceses have just concluded their bi-annual meeting and issued a statement of concern around the issue of deportation and how its affects families. continue reading »

What You Will Hear in Your Sunday Sermon:  Pass Immigration Reform NOW

Today’s Sunday sermon across pulpits in the United States will focus on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform. The Catholic Church through it’s U.S. Conference on Catholic Bishops is making its support for immigration reform known through its thousands of U.S. churches. continue reading »

Catholic Churches Urging Followers to Contact Members of Congress on Immigration Reform

Catholic Church through its Conference of Bishops are urging their followers to contact their Congressmen, Senator to support comprehensive immigration reform and focus on needs of the poor. continue reading »

Illinois Bishops Welcome Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented in State

The Catholic Conference of Illinois has welcomed the legislative passage of a measure permitting immigrants who are not present in the United States legally to apply for temporary driver’s licenses. continue reading »